Everyday lives of the Meabon Household

Our Story

In 2003, this Texas girl met a Pennsylvania boy while working together in the luxury hotel industry in Dallas. We quickly realized our work friendship was blossoming into something more.  Jared got a job offer with another company in Atlanta and asked me to go along with him. I took a leap of faith and in 2004, we moved to Atlanta.  In 2006, we got married and bought our first house for our family of four - Jared, Brooke, Kitty and Rooney.

In 2009, we got pregnant after very little effort and at our 12 week ultrasound, we were told our baby had a birth defect called an omphalocele.  We had an amniocentesis at 19 weeks and had no other chromosomal defects.  In 2010, Jared took over the Texas territory, allowing us to move to San Antonio. We packed up our belongings and moved four states over while 7 months pregnant. During that time, I started this blog.

Our baby girl, Harper, was born on August 4, 2010 and remained in the NICU for almost 9 weeks. She had surgery at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston to repair her abdominal wall on July 8, 2011 and today she is healthy and thriving.
In March 2010, we welcomed our Harris into the world.  We are now a fully functioning (some days) family of four.