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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

Cito - 7 Months

My little Cito bug is tipping the scales at 19 pounds.  He's five pounds lighter than his sister - she'd better watch out!
Eating - 6 bottles a day (breast milk supplemented with soy formula) and three solids a day (moving onto mixing veggie and fruit combos); won't bf anymore unless its the wee hours of the morning and all is quiet - Harris is much too interested in everything else going on to be headfirst into a boob so pumping it is

Sleeping - Do I say it out loud?  Am I jinxing us if I do?  Sleeping mostly through the night with an occasional wake up but mostly from 7pm - 6am.  Two to three naps a day.
Gabbing up a storm. Two teeth.  Army crawling and definitely getting from Point A to Point B on his own.  Laughing hysterically at his sister all throughout the day.  Sitting in the bath seat in the tub.  Sitting on own for longer periods of time but still toppling over so can't be left without some assistance.  

Monday, October 8, 2012

A haircut - FINALLY!

So I've been eagerly awaiting this milestone for the last 26 months.  And while it wasn't a huge change, Harper has officially had her first haircut.  I know, I know, she had so little hair to begin with but the back was looking a bit mangy.  Harper was beginning to have a sweet mullet and was well on her way to being a NASCAR groupie - her daddy would not have approved.   So while we won't be making any contributions to Locks of Love in the near future, at least we can say the Squirrel has finally had her first haircut.  (And thanks Honey for coming along to help document the occasion.)

As always, along for the ride

Snip, snip

Ah, better...even if the stylist did call her a boy mid-cut

Someone tell the helicopter mom to back off

A little brush off and....


Firetruck 2012

A visit from the Firetruck at school

Note:  Firetrucks are best viewed from a distance.

Thomas, We Love You!

You know when you have a song stuck in your head and you can't get it out?  Do you know how much worse it is when it's a song aimed at toddlers?  We made a visit out to Burnet, Texas to see Thomas the Tank Engine in REAL LIFE!  Whoa - big stuff for a two year old and Cito had fun too.  But ever since then I can't get the dang Thomas song out of my head.

Thomas the Tank Engine rolling along. 
All of his friends will be coming along.
Thomas, WE LOVE YOU!!!

The sacrafices we make for the happiness of our children.  Please forgive me if you overhear me quietly singing, "Thomas, we love yooouuuuuu" to myself.  It happens.

Real life Thomas!

Spotting Thomas for the first time

Hmmm, I don't know about this

Harps and Cito were mesmerized 

Ready to hand over her tickets

The Conductor

Field and Harper's parents didn't want to wait in the LONG line for the up-close Thomas pictures so they had to pose with the chain link fence.

Whew - that Thomas is exhausting!