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Monday, April 30, 2012

Fiesta 2012

Viva Fiesta!  San Antonio celebrates Fiesta each year and, although we have a new baby, that didn't stop the Meabons from having a little Fiesta fun over the last week.  Harper really got into each of the parties and fairs we went to and this will just get more and more fun each year as the kids grow.

One story to remember - our neighborhood had the annual Fiesta Pool Party on Sunday night.  Harper got really excited when she saw the horse pinata and started waving at it saying "Hi horse, hi horse!"  When the big kids started whacking away at the pinata, the Squirrel burst into tears at the horse being beaten.  The horse's legs fell off first and we left quickly after that to save the poor child from any further trama.
Modeling her Fiesta hat from the school parade

Harps and Field were very entertained with the flower pinwheel

A petting zoo - this girl was in heaven!

Not so sure about the horse this time

The train was more her speed

And don't forget Harris - partying like a rockstar!

Class of 2030

On Thursday, some of my oldest friends came to visit us with their new babies.  I grew up with these girls in Midland.  Emily and I have been friends since birth (literally, Emily was a few months old at my baby shower when my mother was pregnant with me) and I have been friends with Samantha and Stephanie since elementary school.  Now, we all have babies within months of each other.  How fun to get together now that we're all moms with babies the same age!
Brooke and Samantha - 1991
Brooke, Emily and Stephanie
Brooke, Stephanie, Emily - 4th Grade?
Samantha with Conner and Betsy, Brooke with Harris, Emily with Josephine, Stephanie with Elliot

Harper got to play for a little while before her nap and was a little overwhelmed with all of the babies

The babies - just hanging out
Elliot (6 months), Josephine (5 months), Harris (almost 2 months), Conner and Betsy (3 months)

Trying to get the perfect shot

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Scenes from the iPhone

Love my sleeping babies

Head control

Harper made sure everyone got tummy time

Afternoon naps

"Hey, have you seen these guns?"

The Squirrels newest obsession - watering plants

Future Betty Crocker


Harps new philosophy - what's yours is mine

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

A visit from Grandpa D

This last week, we had a very special visitor.  Grandpa D (Jared's dad) came to stay with us for a week and, man oh man, did Harp's love having him as a visitor.  Harper immediately took to her grandfather - I think the great animal sounds he can make, amazing pictures he can draw and the fact that he gave her his undivided attention for a full week helped!  And of course, Harris enjoyed having Grandpa D around too but he's not quite as animated as his big sister...yet.   I've been very neglectful of my camera over the last few weeks so only managed to snap a few shots just before D left.
Not only was he Super D with Harps while he was here but Dave also worked non-stop with Jared on house projects.  Our backyard was pretty neglected by the previous owners so its been a slow work in progress.  Our two Meabon handymen went to town pulling out plants and bushes, chopping down trees and limbs, working on our outdoor lighting and trying to beautify a neglected area.  And there is a vast improvement after all of their sweat and hard work.

Thank you for visiting Grandpa D and we can't wait to have you back!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Smiles Caught on Camera

Harris started smiling this week. I had my phone in reach this afternoon. How cute is this kid?

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Harris - One Month

One month!  I can't even believe it.  This month has flown by but in some ways, it feels like we've had Harris for forever.  Happy One Month sweet boy!

 Weight:  About 8 pounds 2 ounces 

Eating:  BM every 2-3 hours

Sleeping:  Going down for the night around 10pm; waking at 2pm and then between 4:30am-5:30am to eat.  Still sleeping in the bassinet.
Will nap in his swing, in his car seat or in someone's arms but not too fond of napping in his crib

Activities:  Eating, sleeping and going to the bathroom

Nicknames:  Monchichi (if you are a child of the 80's, you probably know what I'm talking about - he looks just like a little Monchichi); Harriocity; The Boy

Misc:  Not a huge napper unless he's lying stomach down on a parent or grandparent; Cries really just when something is wrong like hunger or stomach pains;  Has had some issues with what we think might just be gas;  Likes to be held;  Other than waking to eat, great during the nights.