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Monday, April 30, 2012

Fiesta 2012

Viva Fiesta!  San Antonio celebrates Fiesta each year and, although we have a new baby, that didn't stop the Meabons from having a little Fiesta fun over the last week.  Harper really got into each of the parties and fairs we went to and this will just get more and more fun each year as the kids grow.

One story to remember - our neighborhood had the annual Fiesta Pool Party on Sunday night.  Harper got really excited when she saw the horse pinata and started waving at it saying "Hi horse, hi horse!"  When the big kids started whacking away at the pinata, the Squirrel burst into tears at the horse being beaten.  The horse's legs fell off first and we left quickly after that to save the poor child from any further trama.
Modeling her Fiesta hat from the school parade

Harps and Field were very entertained with the flower pinwheel

A petting zoo - this girl was in heaven!

Not so sure about the horse this time

The train was more her speed

And don't forget Harris - partying like a rockstar!

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