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Monday, July 29, 2013

ACMB - Beyond the Princess

I'm over on Alamo City Moms Blog today talking about my on-going battle with princesses.  Come check out my post!

Thursday, July 25, 2013


With the disappearance of Google Reader, many blog followers are left wondering how to follow their favorite blogs.  I'm really liking Bloglovin.  It's simply laid out and has a clean look to it.  Check it out!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Save Me a Room Next to Your's

Last week, I lost a little bit of my heart.  My amazing step-dad, Steve (Grandy to you all), went to live his life with the Lord on Monday, July 8.

Steve had a long, courageous fight with brain cancer.  When we were told 5 1/2 years ago that he had 6 months left to live, we were all devastated.  We have been beyond blessed with these unexpected years.  My children got to know their Grandy, got to experience his amazing love and were showered with his praise and attention.  Jared and I had three full years of living back in San Antonio and less than 3 miles from my parents.  We absorbed our time with Steve like sponges, knowing that this dreadful disease would one day return and steal him away.

Some of you read the sweet story of Harper's last day with her Grandy on his Caring Bridge site.  She quietly asked if she could sit with Grandy, climbed up in his lap and lay still as stone while Steve gently swept his fingers over her forehead, her cheeks, her chin.  They soaked each other in, almost as if they each knew their time together was limited.  Just a day later, Steve would suffer from another seizure that would severely limited his ability to function.

A few days later on Monday morning, Jared unexpectedly decided to stop by Mom & Steve's to say goodbye before a routine work trip.  That night, my Junior League meeting ended early and knowing I had a sitter with the kids, decided to swing by at the last minute to say hello.  Steve was doing pretty poorly but little did either of us know that this would be the last time we would see him.  He had rallied so many times and we just knew he would rally again.  But I have to say, I almost prefer that I didn't know.  My last words to Steve were "I love you" and with a nod and a smile "Love you" were his last to me.  What more could I ask for?  Two hours later, I received the call from my mom saying he was gone.

These last couple of weeks have been hard but I am so grateful that his suffering was short and his spirit is now fully restored.  I am also completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support we have received.  Wow, do we have an amazing group of friends and family!

We love you Grandy but this isn't goodbye.  We know we'll see you again soon, just save us a room next to your's.

Monday, July 15, 2013

San Antonio's Top Kid-Friendly Restaurants

Come see me over on Alamo City Moms Blog today where I'm talking about my favorite San Antonio Kid-Friendly Restaurants


Monday, July 8, 2013

Alamo City Moms Blog is LIVE!

Come on over and check out my new site!  Alamo City Moms Blog is a collaborative site written by 14 local moms posting on all things motherhood and San Antonio.  And don't worry, Peek In Our World will still be alive and kickin' but today you can find me over at ACMB.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Prayers for Grandy

Many of you know our sweet Grandy (Steve) has been battling Glioblastoma multiforme or brain cancer for 5 years with it's reappearance this spring.  Steve made the decision to end his treatment last week since it was doing so much damage to his body and his quality of life.  The doctors supported and suggested this but Steve needed to come to this decision on his own.  I ask you to please cover Steve and our family with your prayers as we go through these next steps in his battle. 

We love Grandy so much.  I know I speak for Brent, Jared and me when I say that Steve has been one of the most positive influences on any of our lives.  In our family, we don't distinguish with labels like "step" as in "step-father", "step-sister" or "step-brother".  When you are blessed with people in your life that might not share your blood lines but do share your love for each other as a family, labels just get thrown out the window.  Please give a shout out to they Big Guy for my mom (Honey/Janet) who has been such an amazing caretaker and for my brothers, sister and me (Brent, David and Lynn) as we help support them both but mostly for Steve - peace, comfort and that His will be done.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th Y'all!

Sorry for the recent absence on the blog but wishing you a little very Happy Independence Day!