Everyday lives of the Meabon Household

Friday, July 5, 2013

Prayers for Grandy

Many of you know our sweet Grandy (Steve) has been battling Glioblastoma multiforme or brain cancer for 5 years with it's reappearance this spring.  Steve made the decision to end his treatment last week since it was doing so much damage to his body and his quality of life.  The doctors supported and suggested this but Steve needed to come to this decision on his own.  I ask you to please cover Steve and our family with your prayers as we go through these next steps in his battle. 

We love Grandy so much.  I know I speak for Brent, Jared and me when I say that Steve has been one of the most positive influences on any of our lives.  In our family, we don't distinguish with labels like "step" as in "step-father", "step-sister" or "step-brother".  When you are blessed with people in your life that might not share your blood lines but do share your love for each other as a family, labels just get thrown out the window.  Please give a shout out to they Big Guy for my mom (Honey/Janet) who has been such an amazing caretaker and for my brothers, sister and me (Brent, David and Lynn) as we help support them both but mostly for Steve - peace, comfort and that His will be done.


Courtney said...

Thinking of you all and wishing you peace and strength. My heart is with you.

Unknown said...

I love you my sweet daughter, what would I do without you and Jared and our babies during this very difficult time? Thank you for your constant love and support.
We are blessed.
I love you very much,