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Friday, May 31, 2013

Harris at 15 months

Harris is getting jipped lately.  His sister had every month until 24 months documented to a tee.  Sweet boy got cut off after 12 months so here's a little about my almost 15 month old heart breaker.

Ten teeth.  Happy boy.  Dare devil.  Total extrovert.  Loves people and no fear of strangers.  Loves being around other kids.  Picky eater but eats a ton of what he does like.  Words:  ma {mama}, da {daddy or dog}, bir {bird}, ba {ball}.  Points and grunts at everything.  Strong willed.  Hysterical sense of humor. Loves wagons, pull toys and brooms.  Good hand eye coordination.  Crawls on everything.  Fearless. Walker. Runner.  Sister lover.  Heartbreaker.  Straight haired.  Eyelashes a girl would kill for!


Friday, May 24, 2013

Honey Hijacking - Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday so you should all fully expect a Honey Hijacking Post.  And here she goes....

Preface: Brooke is never happy when I write a highjacking post about her. I tell her, kindly, that if I have taken the time to write a post it would be tacky of her not to post it.

Thus, Happy 33rd Birthday Boogie!!!

Thirty-three years ago today I was a mere 26 years old, we had Brent, 19 months and I had gone to the hospital twice already in false labor. Brooke was about 10 days past her due date and finally after about 18 hours of induction my labor began and one, yes I said ONE hour later there she was...TADA, I had a l girl, well I had a 9 lb. 2 oz. little girl!
Boog was such a happy baby. Legend (and it is legend) has it that I dropped her off at Mother’s Day Out on the way home from the hospital. What an exaggeration!  Brooke was 2 weeks old when she entered MDO. I had made sure I was president of our church’s little MDO program just to ensure my precious darlings would have a place to go so I could well, breathe!

So Brooke grew and she grew, mainly because after breastfeeding for about 6 months I put her on formula. I poured that thick creamy formula straight out of that Similac can in to that bottle and down it went. Easy peasy Brooke was sleeping, happy and fat! Then one day several months later I happened to look down and glance at the label...there it was CONCENTRATE oops!
Brooke has always been fearless. We spend most of our summer days at the country club swimming pool. In Midland, many of the young moms were members and we would gather at the pool for hours and hours in the sun. Sunscreen, well no, not really, instead one summer I decided to squirt Sun-In in Boogie’s hair not only turning it white but soon after a lovely shade of green. At two years I looked up one day and found Brooke standing on the HIGH diving board yelling proudly, “Mommy watch me!” Lifeguards and I jumped into place and Boog boldly bounded with a little splat into those deep waters. At 4 years she was standing on her tip toes to make the height requirement to ride the Mine Train Roller Coaster, Brooke was indomitable!

On the other hand, I know it might be hard to believe, but Brooke was a very shy child. Adults at church would speak to my little toddler and she would stick her head under my dress. She sang in the church angel choir and at 3 years would stand in front of the entire congregation not singing but stuffing her dress in her IC ruffled panties. When asked why she answered, she didn’t know what else to do, all those people were too scary.

It wasn’t until Bowie Elementary School in Midland, Tx that Brooke came out of her shell. As hard as I had tried to entice my little girl to be less inhibited little did I know the answer lay in Christie Van Husen. Christie was Brooke’s friend, she was well- mannered, polite like you have never seen polite, her smile lit up the classroom and teachers loved her. Brooke, having a bit of a competitive nature, had an ah ha moment and realized if she turned into a Christie she too might find favor in those who were influential. So overnight Brooke became an outgoing, vivacious, well over achiever, and she did it well. With her Sally Jesse Raphael big red glasses (they were adult size, but she would have nothing to do with the child size version-always a bit of a fashionista) Brooke began winning the hearts of those around her. She would be the lead in a play, she would sing solos in church (I never knew she could sing until I saw her performance), she would write essays and win city contests in the GT program, she was voted queen at Camp Longhorn when she was 12 and wore her crown on top of her backward baseball cap. My sweet girl was becoming a person I could never imagine being. I was so proud of her accomplishments and so thankful for the graciousness of the way she dealt with her failures. It’s an amazing thing when you realize that your children have gifts that are far greater than anything you have within yourself, it’s a wonderful gift.

Fast forward to the present, I tell Brooke often that I’m sorry I was not the mother to her and Brent that she is to Harper and Harris. I am so proud when I see my daughter discipline her children with such firm love and love them so tenderly and teach them the things that they are interested in, instead of the things she finds interest in.

I am thankful that she and Jared have such a sound and fun relationship. Their love and laughter bubbles over into their children, it is a joy to watch.
I could go on and on but I’m afraid if I did Brooke would begin delete my praises, so I will end here by saying I am thankful for my daughter. She has stood by our sides these last difficult 5 years and there is never a day that she is not there for me. God gifted me with two of the most incredible human beings and today I celebrate my baby girl’s life.

I wish you the Happiest of Birthdays Boogie...
With much love, Mom 

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Tidal Wave of the Princesses

It started with a tiny little ripple.  The waves were so small that you might not see them unless you looked hard enough.  That was back in March - Easter weekend to be exact.  Potty training had recommenced and was in full swing.  I had created a sticker chart to map out the Squirrel's progress and pasted it right in front of the potty seat so she could see her success every time she went.  I stopped in Target to grab stickers for the chart.  The dollar bins were full of sticker sheets - score!  I reached in and grabbed a huge assortment - smiley faces, hearts, Alice in Wonderland, dinosaurs, 101 Dalmatians, stars, Disney Princesses, farm animals, zoo animals.  A variety of assortment, right?  But did you catch it?  Oh, it was in there.  Sneaking in while I unsuspectingly purchased away.

The waves began to build momentum.  Not a huge amount of force but enough to feel if you were floating out on the ocean.  Enough to rock you up, down, up, down, up, down in the rhythmic movement of the waves.  Success on the potty!  Stickers each time.  The Squirrel would go to her cabinet, open it up, lay all of her stickers out and pick out just the perfect one to celebrate her success.  She began with the stars and smiley faces.  Soon the dinosaurs took over - that was no surprise.  Then it became a slow mix of each different type of sticker.  But they were there all along, smiling at her with those seductive eyes, those sparkles and shiny teeth.  Cinderella was the first to be selected.  She was placed on the sticker chart at random, not much thought put into it.  But she was there, smiling out at The Squirrel through every potty attempt.  Just tempting her, waiting for her moment to strike.  

A few successes later and Tiana was selected.  Joining forces with Cinderella and adding to the waves as they built momentum.  You could now see them if you were flying over head in a plane, their white frothy foam showing the speed and force they were gaining.  Sleeping Beauty - she was next, pink dress, coy glance over her shoulder.  She knew what she was doing as those little hands placed her, this time, with care in just the right spot.  And then they came in rapid succession, all other stickers being forgotten.

"Which sticker are you going to pick this time?" I'd innocently ask.

"A princess sticker!" she proclaim, proud of her potty success.  Snow White, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine...they were flying up with such speed, I didn't know what was happening.  And then, they lulled her in - those dazzling colorful dresses and cascading curls.  The questions started as we sat and waited for the tinkle to come each time.

"What's her name Mommy?  The one in the blue?  Tell me Mommy, tell me about the princesses."

What choice did I have?  How could I turn my back on that curious little mind?  So I'd tell her their names and a tiny little tidbit I knew.

"Oh, that red head.  Her name is Ariel and she swims in the sea.  Don't you want to be a strong swimmer this summer?  We'll go to the pool" I'd add, as if I could redirect her little mind away from the princess and to something productive and useful.

The waves are now full strength, a surfer's paradise, building momentum with each interaction.  Woosh, woosh, woosh!  We had a bump in the potty training road.  Harper stopped tinkling.  I mean it.  She STOPPED tinkling.  Like, altogether decided she wasn't going to do it anymore.  Oh, she had to go.  You could see those little toes curling, her eyes watering, her legs dancing as she held it in but for 24 hours, not a single drop, not a single accident, not even in her sleep.  She held that tinkle with all her might.  What was I to do?  I begged, I pleaded, I tried reasoning with her.  And then, I caved.  Bribery - a mother's best friend and worst enemy.  Dinosaurs - no.  A new twirly dress - no.  A fun new cup and plate - no.  Ugh, do I go there?  Don't do it.....don't do it......don't do it......a Cinderella doll -she took pause, her eyes lit up.
"A Cinda-wewwa doll?" she asked.  Oh crap.  It was out of my mouth....and she was interested.

"Yes Harper.  A Cinderella doll.  If you'll just tinkle on the potty, Mommy will buy you a Cinderella doll."

And the tidal wave of flashing tiaras, sparkly princess dresses, shiny hair, glitter, songs and magic wands came crashing down over me, my child, my house and my being, engulfing me....we are now a Disney Princess house.  NOOOOOO!!!!!  But when you see delight and excitement in the eyes of that sweet little face, how can you turn away?  And no, I didn't stop with just the doll.  The Squirrel now owns a full on Cinderella dress to match her Cinderella doll....which she puts on the minute she wakes up, along with her clickety-clackety high heels and tiara.  The heels and tiara were already in her dress up box but had been previously ignored until now.  Now she is completely aware of them.  Cinderella sleeps in bed with her, joins us for meals at the dinner table, is best buds with T-Rex.  She is everywhere.

I was recently asked what I had against Disney Princesses.  I know, I know.  I'm a total hypocrite.  Your talking to the girl that was a princess EVERY YEAR for Halloween for 5 years, refusing to be anything but a beautiful princess.  But after I passed those tender years of innocence, I have become somewhat of a feminist.  Now that I have a little girl of my own, I don't want her thinking she can only be successful with a Prince Charming in her life - that she must be saved by a man for her dreams to come true.  I don't want her thinking that beauty is the only way to success in this world. I want her to grow up valuing things like books, science, math, her brain - knowing that an education is going to be her ticket in this world, not skipping through a forest waiting for someone to save her.

Don't even get me started on Disney's unabashed flaunting of these characters on everything from diapers to fruit to bicycles just to make an extra dollar.  It gets under my skin that my child wants the super sugary cereal over the delicious healthy one just because it has Sleeping Beauty plastered all over it (not that she gets the super sugary cereal in case you were wondering).  And when did they make the Disney Princesses sexy?  Have you see them lately?  Cinderella's neckline has plunged, her bosom has expanded and she looks like she's had lip injections.  Why, oh why, are they making them look like Real Housewives?

But maybe I'm thinking a little too deep on this one.  I admit, it is pretty funny to watch her prance around in her gown and heels with T-Rex in a choke hold, placing a tiara on her little brother's head as she says, "I'm Cinderella and you're Belle." My battle now will be moderation.  Okay Disney Princesses, come on in but only in moderation.

Friday, May 17, 2013


I am beyond thrilled to announce my new website that will be launching later this summer, Alamo City Moms Blog!  This website is part of the City Moms Blog Network and it will be a website dedicated to all things mom and all things San Antonio.  

How in the world did this come about, you ask?  Well, long story short, a little lady by the name of Lindsay Rouse is from New Orleans.  Lindsay, her husband and their son, Jack, now live here in San Antonio.  Her friends are the founders of New Orleans Moms Blog and she loved the site so much that she wanted to bring it here to SA.  She started the work and in her search for contributors, reached out to me.  We got to talkin' (or I should say emailin') and low and behold, she was looking for a co-founder.  Well double low and behold, I've been searching for a way to dip my foot back into the working world but wanted what many moms want but can never find - something that still let's me be a full time mom but that I can do in my own time, that's manageable with kids and brings in a little extra dinero.  I've always thought "fat chance finding that" but hellllooooo Alamo City Moms Blog!  

So we are currently in the throws of getting this bad boy up and running but how can you support me?  Start by liking our Facebook page to stay updated on all the latest news for Alamo City Moms Blog.  We're also on Twitter and Instagram. Just search Alamo City Moms Blog.  And don't worry, I'll post all the deets here when we launch so you won't miss a thing.

If you know of anyone that might be a great writer, lives in or around San Antonio and is a mom, send them my way!  I'd love to see if they would be a good fit for the team we are assembling   We are currently looking for 10 or so contributors for the site.  Or if you own or work with a local business that would want to advertise on our site, gain visibility through giveaways or product reviews, let me know!  You can reach me at peekinourworld@gmail.com

Can't wait to see what this new adventure has in store for us!  And don't worry, Peek In Our World will continue as the latest and greatest in our little Meabon world.  

Good news....no, GREAT news!

For those of you keeping up with Steve on Mom's Caring Bridge Site, you already know.  For those of you not in the know, Steve had a great appointment with his oncologist, Dr. Fichtel, today.

It was just a few short weeks ago that all appointments - neuro, oncology, cardio, etc - were giving Steve a few months, even a few weeks to live with the reoccurance of his brain tumor. Well, as I like to say "IN YO' FACE BRAIN TUMOR!"  Steve is reacting to the Avastin!  His tumor is shrinking and those weeks and months are increasing by the day.  Hip hip hooray!  God is GOOD!

His brain has sustained injury and trauma with the previously rapid growth of the tumor so he has lost more word finding, can be pretty unsteady on his feet and is tired from both the treatment and his brain working in overdrive from the damage.  Mom and Steve are trying to find their "new normal" but looks like we'll have the time to do it.  We are so grateful to have more time with our sweet Grandy.  We are overjoyed.

You can read my mom's beautiful words at:  www.caringbridge.org/visit/SteveBoswell

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Omphalocele Update

In the midst of a crazy Fiesta week in San Antonio, we loaded up the car and headed to Houston for Harper's check up at TCH.  We had been told in the fall that we would plan for surgery this summer based on her stomach and how it was looking.  The muscles are still splaying and when she strains, her stomach has a bulge that pops out - kind of like a giant, vertical hernia in the middle of her stomach.  We had also been given the directions to either put her back in PT or keep her in gymnastics but to focus on strengthening her abdomen and core muscles.  So we've kept up with the gymnastics which Harps loves but I don't see a future as the next Gabby Douglas - the Squirrel has her mother's unfortunate lack of coordination.   

You can imagine our surprise and happiness when Dr. Cass said he was very pleased with how Harper was looking and wanted to see her back in the fall - no need for surgery this summer!  Dr. Cass said her abdominal muscles were looking much better than they were earlier this year and he'd like to hold off a little longer to see what kind of natural repair her body can do on it's own before taking medical action.  He does still feel like she'll need surgery at some point but the better she looks on her own, the less invasive the surgery will need to be.  There can still be some improvement to those core muscles and surgery will eventually help.  He also thinks we can help the look of her stomach from a cosmetic standpoint.  But overall, he was pleased and you can only imagine how happy we were to not have to worry about surgery over the summer with all we have going on with Steve.  

On a side note, Harper's parents are idiots.  Harris stayed overnight with Honey and Grandy so that we could give our full attention to what we thought would be a pre-surgery appointment.  While Harper loves her little brother and the constant audience he provides for her, she loves having her mom and dad all to herself every now and again.  We went out to dinner the night before her appointment in Houston.  Walking back to the car, the Squirrel was holding both of our hands, wanting to be swung in between us.  Apparently, our swinging must have been a little too exciting because by the time we got to the car, she was screaming in pain and complaining about her arm hurting.  

After a night in pain and tears spent in a hotel room with a two year old, we thought we had done some serious damage and were feeling like pretty crappy parents.  Thankfully we had our TCH appointment and asked if they could take a look.  They booked us in with ortho, sent us over for x-rays and added about 2 hours on to our appointment and trip back home.  Well, low and behold, while the x-rays were being taken, she miraculously healed.  The crying stopped and by the time the doctor from ortho came to see us, we had a Squirrel that was laughing and singing.  Apparently, we gave her nursemaid's elbow - we pulled her elbow out of joint. Awesome.  When they took her x-rays, her arm was being twisted to get different shots and they managed to accidentally pop her arm back in socket.

So moral of the story - don't swing your kids around by their arms!  And if you're going to, be sure you have an appointment somewhere on the campus of Texas Children's Hospital the next day.  

Friday, May 10, 2013

T-Rex is Real

We have a very exciting announcement from the Meabon household!  Some of you might have already guessed by seeing pictures on Instagram but......we have a new member of the Meabon household!  That's right folks, introducing Meabon #3 otherwise known as T-Rex Meabon.

T-Rex came to us on Harper's birthday last year, a gift from Uncle Brentie.  He was immediately loved but over the last 9 months, he has truly becoming our third child.  In Harper's mind, T-Rex is as alive as her little brother.  This hit me when she finished an art project a few weeks ago, jumped down from her chair, ran into her room, climbed up on the bed, held it out in front of her little friend and said, "Look T-Rex, look what I made!"  As evidenced by the pictures on my iPhone, T-Rex is alive and breathing and accompanies us most places.
T-Rex rides in the car
and dances in the car
He frolics in the bluebonnets
and swings on the swings at the park.
T-Rex has great dental hygiene.
He joins us for every meal and even has a designated seat at the breakfast table.
Sometimes he shares Harper's meal,
but Harper always makes sure he has his favorite foods:  meat, ham and coffee.
T-Rex loves the Zoo.
(I love the look on the face of the photobomber in this one)
And what a lucky guy to have a great tour guide!
He comes along on visits to the doctor.
but he loves being at home to snuggle with Rooney
and occasionally gets dressed up like a baby or a princess.
Like with anyone else, T-Rex does have to attend to the calls of nature.
We've recently discovered he's quite the lady's man!
But I think most of all, T-Rex likes being with his best buds, Harper,  Bruce and Tinkle Bunny.

An honor to just be nominated...

I feel like the runner up to Miss America.  Either that or one of the Oscar nominees that didn't win the prize.  But as they say "it was an honor to just be nominated".  I turned in an essay for a show called Listen to Your Mother.  The show highlights writers and their essays on motherhood in celebration of Mother's Day.  I was selected to audition for the show but my piece didn't get selected.

However, I did get to attend the amazing show last night in Austin with two of my close friends from childhood, Stephanie and Samantha.  And wouldn't you know I totally forgot to get a picture of the three of us!  Adelle, you'd think you taught us better!

So, in celebration of LTYM Austin, here was my submission:

Unplanned Lessons of Motherhood
by Brooke Meabon

Three years ago, I left the business world to take up my new job as a stay-at-home mom.  I took the parenting classes, read the books, listened to the nurses and doctors in the hospital and did everything I could to educate myself for the little lives that I would be responsible for.  However, there are lessons I’ve learned over the last three years that my education, my career, the parenting classes or books never told me about. I’d like to share with you some of these nuggets of knowledge in hopes that you will be well equipped as I clearly was not:

-      With a crying baby in the background, a full conversation can take place between a couple at 3am using only elbow thrusts, grunts and moans of exhaustion.
-          If you thought your boobs were big during your pregnancy, within days of having a baby, your boobs will grow to freakishly gargantuan proportions that no one ever warns you about.  On the other hand, about two weeks after weaning that baby, you will wake up one morning and - BAM! - they will be two sizes smaller than they ever were and look like a shriveled noodle with a meatball hanging at the end.
-          Did you know that Thomas the Tank Engine stickers can go anywhere to add a little decorating pizazz?  Leather car seats, antique dining room tables, your computer screen, the walls of your master bedroom – seriously, anywhere!
-          A tutu, swimming goggles and cowboy boots can be worn as an outfit every day and night for 5 weeks, only being taken off for bathing purposes.
-          Now, I owe my husband an apology about this one since I have previously given him a hard time.  Men’s obsession with touching their junk is ingrained in their being.  I go to change my sweet baby boy’s diaper and the second that sucker opens up, his hands are pawing at that little penis like a Harlem Globetrotter spinning a basketball.
-          As a mother, things will come out of your mouth that you never dreamed possible.  Things like:
“Don’t hit your brother in the head with the pumpkin”
“Yes, Daddy is going tinkle on the big girl potty” and
“Sweetie, put it down.  That’s dog doo-doo, not a candy bar.”
-          The longest dinosaur name is micropachycephalosaurus.  The beloved brontosaurus we learned about as children no longer exists.  I am now a walking dinosaur encyclopedia.  And this is not information that you should breakout at your husband’s holiday dinner party. I speak from experience; it’s a quick way to end a conversation with his boss. 
-          In times of emergency, an unused tampon can entertain a toddler in a doctor’s office for approximately 14 minutes.
-          Breast milk tastes like sugar.  Okay, no I’m not using it to churn butter or flavoring my coffee in the morning with a squeeze of the boob but who hasn’t taken a little taste in the delirium of the newborn days and thought, “Wow, this is surprisingly delicious!”
-          Speaking of breast milk, are you aware that you can shoot it out of your nipple across the room?  The next time you’re in an argument with your husband, try it.  The look on his face will be priceless.
-          If you have a crying baby in a grocery store and lose a pacifier, you automatically turn into a Navy Seal on a mission to track down and capture the missing unit.
-          Goldfish crackers can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner….by a grown woman.
-          There are some days that you might feel the urge to hide in your closet with a log of salami and a bottle of red wine.  DO NOT give into this urge.  Otherwise, remember that bottle of nail polish you left on the bathroom counter?  Your cat’s eyebrows will now be a trendy shade of OPI’s Cha-Ching Cherry. 
-          Fun Fact:  Did you know that teething was invented by Satan?  He also invented potty training.
-          Showering, bathing and using the restroom under strict surveillance while having every imperfection of your body pointed out (“Mommy, your bottom is as big as the sun!”) – it becomes somewhat endearing and when you don’t have a pair of eyes staring you down as the Calgone takes you away, you suddenly feel a little lonely.
-          After you receive a call from your child’s preschool saying they are in the office bleeding, you will quickly realize that you missed your calling to be a NASCAR driver.
-          In my opinion, toys that sing, light up or talk should be beaten into submission with a baseball bat.
-          Ladies, you might not believe me now but your husband will look sexier to you in sweats with a sleeping baby in his arms than he ever did in a tuxedo.
-          Some of your strongest friendships will be started with the simple question, “How old is your child?”  And friendships that are formed through the joys and trials of motherhood will become vital since you have someone that just gets it. 
-          You will grow to love and appreciate your own mother so much more after having children because you can finally get a glimpse of how much she loves you.
-          You never think the love of your first child can be duplicated, but then you have another child and realize it is multiplied with each addition.
-          And last, it is possible for your heart to exist outside of your chest and live in the form of a little human being.