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Friday, May 10, 2013

T-Rex is Real

We have a very exciting announcement from the Meabon household!  Some of you might have already guessed by seeing pictures on Instagram but......we have a new member of the Meabon household!  That's right folks, introducing Meabon #3 otherwise known as T-Rex Meabon.

T-Rex came to us on Harper's birthday last year, a gift from Uncle Brentie.  He was immediately loved but over the last 9 months, he has truly becoming our third child.  In Harper's mind, T-Rex is as alive as her little brother.  This hit me when she finished an art project a few weeks ago, jumped down from her chair, ran into her room, climbed up on the bed, held it out in front of her little friend and said, "Look T-Rex, look what I made!"  As evidenced by the pictures on my iPhone, T-Rex is alive and breathing and accompanies us most places.
T-Rex rides in the car
and dances in the car
He frolics in the bluebonnets
and swings on the swings at the park.
T-Rex has great dental hygiene.
He joins us for every meal and even has a designated seat at the breakfast table.
Sometimes he shares Harper's meal,
but Harper always makes sure he has his favorite foods:  meat, ham and coffee.
T-Rex loves the Zoo.
(I love the look on the face of the photobomber in this one)
And what a lucky guy to have a great tour guide!
He comes along on visits to the doctor.
but he loves being at home to snuggle with Rooney
and occasionally gets dressed up like a baby or a princess.
Like with anyone else, T-Rex does have to attend to the calls of nature.
We've recently discovered he's quite the lady's man!
But I think most of all, T-Rex likes being with his best buds, Harper,  Bruce and Tinkle Bunny.

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Maegan said...

I love the picture of her dressed as a dinosaur at the zoo. Isn't it fun to see their personalities shine?