Everyday lives of the Meabon Household

Monday, November 19, 2012

Cito - 8 months...and a little more

So I totally missed the ball on taking Cito's pictures on November 9, in part because my little monthly numbers have somehow disappeared.  No one in this house is taking ownership of the missing numbers but I have a feeling they might be hiding in the room of a certain 2 year old.  But never fear!  I've hunted down the same numbers so here we go a few days late.
Eating:  Meats, veggies, fruits.  Doesn't like green veggies but loves any orange veggie.  Will eat almost any fruit.  Loves beef but chicken and turkey are come and go.  Harris has also figured out how to separate the good stuff in one bite from the bad stuff by spitting it out.  I need a apron to feed the kid.  Still BFing - I was totally set to start weaning but after these last few weeks of sickness, I've decided a little time on the pump is much better than a sick kid and lack of sleep so pump on my friends!

Sleeping:  Ugh!  Sickness has been my nemesis this month with ear infections, an asthma diagnosis, coughing and colds so sleep has been a little hard to come by.  But for a kid that's been sick for a month, you'd never know it during the day time.  He is an excellent napper though.

Moving:  The kid is EVERYWHERE these days!  He's crawling at full speed and pulling up to stand on anything he can get his hands on.  And very unlike his sister, Cito is afraid of nothing so we've had our fair share of bumps and bruises.  I have a feeling this is going to be a trend with child #2.
Happy, happy, happy!  I think he might be the smiliest kid on the block.  He has no trouble being passed off to a complete stranger if they'll keep him entertained.  Harris just adores his big sister and could watch her all day long.

I'm asked the question a lot if I see a difference in boys vs. girls.  My answer has been no up to this month but I think I can officially change my answer.  I don't know if its a gender thing or just the difference in my two children but Harper was my timid, extremely observant, laid-back and a bit shy child.  Harris is my social butterfly, a mover and a shaker and has no fear.  It really is fun having two kids that are so different and I love them each for their individuality.
Totally sums up my attempt at taking 8 month pictures

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


You know how I've been saying the Squirrel is REALLY into dinosaurs recently?  We make a weekly trip to the library and, since August, have had to get new dinosaur books each trip. I keep trying to push good ol' classics like Madeline but the dinosaur books end up being the only ones read.  I captured the obsession on video with the newest book she brought home from the library.

And now I bring you, Harper and the Dinosaurs.

The Fashionista

Harps is very opinionated about her clothes these days so I've started letting her pick her own outfits on days when she doesn't have school or after church on Sundays. Here's a little snapshot of fashion from a two year old.

Yes, those sunglasses are upside down.  She prefers them that way.  

Scenes from the iPhone

Double Sicky Lickies

I'm not a fan of cold and flu season.  We seem to be in this repetitive sick cycle recently.  One kid catches something and, sure enough, within a few days the other has it.  No surprise when they basically drool all over each other.  But this last week has been a doozy.

Both kids are teething so it's hard to tell what's teeth and what's something else.  They were both a little off on Saturday and Sunday - nothing crazy, just a little funky.  No temps but not sleeping or eating great.  I decided to take the kids in to the doctor on Monday.  Turns out they both had double ear infections and, according to Dr. Neiheisel, "by the looks of their ears, they must be in a lot of pain".  Awesome.  Parenting fail.  And Cito's had this persistent cough and wheezing for about 5 months now so we've unofficially been labeled as possible asthma.  Great.  And after two days of the antibiotics, Harper now has a yeast infection.  Perfect.  And Jared is out of town for all of this with work.  Fantastic.  

Stay positive, stay positive, stay positive. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

We've Got A Mover

At 7 months, Harris started sitting up and crawling on the same day.  I was kinda hoping the crawling would wait but this kids a mover and a shaker.

Practice Makes Perfect

While we have yet to score a goal in the basket, we sure do like practicing.

Halloween 2012

Neighborhood Spookfest on Sunday and Trick or Treating on Halloween Wednesday.  Lots of fun but the Triceratops crashed by 7:15pm so our little dinosaurs were home before they were extinct!
Halloween 2012
On our way to Spookfest
Harps and Field

T-Rex and the Policeman arrive at the party
I'm actually in a picture!
Trick or Treating with H&G

I promise they liked their costumes, even though they don't look like it! 
Memories from Halloween 2012:  
- Harper deciding in August that she wanted to be a blue T-Rex and not changing her mind once
- Harper wanting she and Harris to wear their "crossrooms" constantly since they arrived
- Harris face first in the wagon gnawing on the cooler and neighbors looking at us like "Do you realize you have a baby laying face-first in your wagon?"
- Harris completely passed out on Jared by 7:15pm
- Harper trying to walk in neighbor's houses as we Trick or Treated.  She thought she was arriving at a party at each stop
- Both kids happy and content with their full attire on including hats and gloves
- PERFECT weather despite a really cold week leading up to the festivities