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Sunday, February 19, 2012

A little vain

Can you tell how much the Squirrel loves looking at herself in iPhone and iPad cameras?  Once again, please excuse the singing and commentary.  

18 months

Harps had her eighteen month check up last week and there are so many things to remember right now.  The girl is a year and a half old and the personality is definitely coming through.  The Squirrel is becoming more strong willed and definitely developing favorites and routines. Here's just a few of the things for us to remember right now:
February 4 - Happy Half Birthday!

Weight - 21 lbs 6 oz;  below the 25 percentile (only gained 2 oz since her November check up so we're going to start her on Pediasure for weight gain and extra vitamins)
Length - 33"; above the 75 percentile

1. Bracelets - The girl has gotten into the habit of getting into my bathroom drawer to pull out her "bracelets".  She stacks as many hair bands around her wrist as possible and loves to show them off.  We've started finding scatterings of her "bracelets" around the house and alot of times, will leave the house only to realize she has a stack of 9 "bracelets" on her arms.

2.  No, no, no - Please note this is said while waving her hands frantically in front of her face.  I've tried to be careful about how much I use the N-O word to avoid this stage but now that it's here I realize that (a) I say it more than I thought I did and (b) it's unavoidable.  There can be a little drama when "no, no, no" comes out and we repeat with "yes, yes, yes" but the mini-tantrum doesn't last too long and she quickly forgets how much she didn't want to brush her teeth/wash her hands/pick up toys/change clothes/etc.

3.  Hi - The girl has started saying hi to everyone and everything.  If we're walking through a store, she'll raise her hand above her head, wave and say hi to everyone she's passing, including people in cars.  When we point something out (a bird, a tree, a piece of food), it usually gets a hi and a wave too.  The Squirrel is really into body parts right now.  I was getting dressed the other day and she looked up, pointed at my chest and said "booby" and then waved and said "hi".  I know they're a little unavoidable right now but, come on, I'm 9 months pregnant!  No need to make me feel self-conscious about those things, Squirrel!

4.  Ha-pa - The girl is getting verbal and now knows her own name.  I love the little Ha-pa that she gives when you ask who she is.  Our growing list includes:  Mama, Dada, NeNe (Honey), Geeg (Grandy), RooRoo (Rooney), Cat, baby, pees (please), gay (game), doo doo (yes, we get told when that's happening), shoes, uzza (puzzle), airplane (a current obsession), truck, ello (phone), bu-by, agua, mik (milk) and various body parts.

5.  Hording - I'm getting a little nervous that the girl might end up on a future episode of Hoarders.  She loves carrying things around with her but it's not just one or two at a time.  She stacks up piles of things (magnets, playdough, puzzle pieces, coins) and carries them with her from place to place.  When one drops from her hands, she tries to balance all of the items to pick up the single dropped item, usually resulting in more items dropping and you can see the cycle from here.  Hey, at least it keeps her busy!

6.  Books, books and more books - Still very into books.  She likes to have them read to her and likes to flip through them herself but she's now started babbling if she's flipping through on her own, like she's  reading herself.  Love this!
We are very ahead of our reading level

Harper hugging her current favorite book
7.  Douglass the Monkey - Douglass is definitely her favorite bedfellow but she loves her Bee, her babies, Bill the Camel and her Jamaican doll.

8.  Shakers - So I know they aren't the safest item for a toddler to be walking around with but the Squirrel has a slight obsession with her Mexican shakers that we brought back from Cabo.  And she can't carry just one at a time - the monkey, elephant and leopard must all be carried together.  Rooney isn't the biggest fan of being chased down with the shakers either.

9.  Boys - Harps has definitely caught the attention of her classmate, Hatcher.  They are each other's favorite playmates but Hatcher loves to give Harper hugs and runs to greet her at the door on school days.  Hatcher's mom told me that when asked who his girlfriend is, the answer is always Harper and he likes to sing songs about her.  Ahh, young love.  Jared isn't too thrilled about this one.

10.  Memory game - Harps has these magnet books that were passed on to her by her uncles, Parke and Nathan.  The magnets don't really stay in the books so we started keeping them in a shoe box.  Harps loves the game of dumping the shoe box out and then identifying all of the magnets by name.  She's up to about 40 now.  After playing the game one day, I looked at Jared and said - "You know, I think she's really smart" - to which Harper looked at me, smiled, dumped out the box of magnets and stuck the box on her head.  About five minutes later, she threw a dish towel over her head and walked straight into a wall.  Harps, please don't do this at your Harvard interview in 17 years.

11.  Pictures - She loves looking at pictures of people and saying names.

12.  Veggies - Out of the blue, she now despises vegetables.  Won't touch one, won't look at one and certainly won't eat one.  Any suggestions???
Feet crossed like a little lady during meals
13.  Timeout - We're venturing into the land of timeout.  We've started using timeout when Harps is doing something that could be harmful or hurtful to her, someone else or one of the animals.  Also, if we've redirected and told her no about something and she continues to do it, we use timeout.  It's pretty effective and it seems to be a good distraction for her but she now really likes her timeout chair.  I'm sure that won't last.

14.  The Bellybutton Song - The Squirrel is very fond of The Bellybutton Song and requests it often.  The problem is that she likes to look at the singer's bellybutton while the song is being sung.  This is fine until you're in a group and out in public.  Something tells me that not everyone is interested in seeing my preggo, stretched out bellybutton right now.  And if she requests to see your's, don't worry - I don't want to see your's either.

I could probably go on and on but these are just a few snapshots of the girl at this stage.  

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Let's Rodeo!

Harper made her first trip to the San Antonio Rodeo and, yee-haw, was it big fun!  If you're a San Antonian, this becomes an annual affair so the first is quite monumental.  After a trip to the petting zoo, riding on the horses, checking out the stock show and feasting on the finest of chicken fingers and french fries, you'd think the Squirrel would have been worn out but she could have gone all afternoon if I'd let her.  We heart SA Rodeo - especially on Valentine's Day!

What?  A big ol' llama don't scare me!
But hey - back off sheep.  You're a little too close for comfort.
Alright. This one's a little more my style.
Oh!  You can touch them too!
Who knew they'd have a wallaby at the Rodeo?
Hey Sanders, who can shake the cage the hardest?
Careful Field, don't get too close.
The only picture I got of the three friends together at the Rodeo.  They are a little hard to keep still these days!
Valentines kisses from the goat
Yo chicken!  Wassup?
Um, seriously Mom?
Okay, I think I've got the hang of this.
I'm gonna be barrel racing in no time!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Overload.  That's my word for the month.  Yes, surprise, surprise, I've taken on too much at one time and I'm now paying for it.  Please forgive the lack of blog posts for the month.  I have a few good ones stored up in the ol' brain but its functioning on overload right now so they'll come at one time or another.  

So here's my shameless plug - I'm chairing a brand new black-tie, wine auction fundraiser for the Junior League of San Antonio on March 3.  Yes, I'm scheduled to have a baby on March 14.  Can someone say overload?  Anyhoo, Fête du Cuvée Fine Wine Auction is going to be an amazing night and I'd love for you, dear reader, to come along.  Details and tickets can be found at www.sanantoniowineauction.com.  I've been working on this event for over a year and its now become my second baby that will be born in the month of March.  Well, let's hope it's the first of my two babies - I'd love for Numero Dos to wait it out until at least March 4 but, if the Big Guy Upstairs has different plans, so be it.

So please know that I'm alive, functioning and just really pregnant right now but might not be too prompt on the updates.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A late birthday post

If he's doing hair-bows at his daughter's request now, I definitely see painted toes and tea parties in his future.

Happy belated birthday blog post Jared! We love you so much!

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