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Saturday, February 11, 2012


Overload.  That's my word for the month.  Yes, surprise, surprise, I've taken on too much at one time and I'm now paying for it.  Please forgive the lack of blog posts for the month.  I have a few good ones stored up in the ol' brain but its functioning on overload right now so they'll come at one time or another.  

So here's my shameless plug - I'm chairing a brand new black-tie, wine auction fundraiser for the Junior League of San Antonio on March 3.  Yes, I'm scheduled to have a baby on March 14.  Can someone say overload?  Anyhoo, Fête du Cuvée Fine Wine Auction is going to be an amazing night and I'd love for you, dear reader, to come along.  Details and tickets can be found at www.sanantoniowineauction.com.  I've been working on this event for over a year and its now become my second baby that will be born in the month of March.  Well, let's hope it's the first of my two babies - I'd love for Numero Dos to wait it out until at least March 4 but, if the Big Guy Upstairs has different plans, so be it.

So please know that I'm alive, functioning and just really pregnant right now but might not be too prompt on the updates.

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