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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Let's Rodeo!

Harper made her first trip to the San Antonio Rodeo and, yee-haw, was it big fun!  If you're a San Antonian, this becomes an annual affair so the first is quite monumental.  After a trip to the petting zoo, riding on the horses, checking out the stock show and feasting on the finest of chicken fingers and french fries, you'd think the Squirrel would have been worn out but she could have gone all afternoon if I'd let her.  We heart SA Rodeo - especially on Valentine's Day!

What?  A big ol' llama don't scare me!
But hey - back off sheep.  You're a little too close for comfort.
Alright. This one's a little more my style.
Oh!  You can touch them too!
Who knew they'd have a wallaby at the Rodeo?
Hey Sanders, who can shake the cage the hardest?
Careful Field, don't get too close.
The only picture I got of the three friends together at the Rodeo.  They are a little hard to keep still these days!
Valentines kisses from the goat
Yo chicken!  Wassup?
Um, seriously Mom?
Okay, I think I've got the hang of this.
I'm gonna be barrel racing in no time!

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Lisa Johnson said...

You got GREAT pics! And your captions...priceless. That was such a fun day!