Everyday lives of the Meabon Household

Friday, May 31, 2013

Harris at 15 months

Harris is getting jipped lately.  His sister had every month until 24 months documented to a tee.  Sweet boy got cut off after 12 months so here's a little about my almost 15 month old heart breaker.

Ten teeth.  Happy boy.  Dare devil.  Total extrovert.  Loves people and no fear of strangers.  Loves being around other kids.  Picky eater but eats a ton of what he does like.  Words:  ma {mama}, da {daddy or dog}, bir {bird}, ba {ball}.  Points and grunts at everything.  Strong willed.  Hysterical sense of humor. Loves wagons, pull toys and brooms.  Good hand eye coordination.  Crawls on everything.  Fearless. Walker. Runner.  Sister lover.  Heartbreaker.  Straight haired.  Eyelashes a girl would kill for!


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