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Monday, April 30, 2012

Class of 2030

On Thursday, some of my oldest friends came to visit us with their new babies.  I grew up with these girls in Midland.  Emily and I have been friends since birth (literally, Emily was a few months old at my baby shower when my mother was pregnant with me) and I have been friends with Samantha and Stephanie since elementary school.  Now, we all have babies within months of each other.  How fun to get together now that we're all moms with babies the same age!
Brooke and Samantha - 1991
Brooke, Emily and Stephanie
Brooke, Stephanie, Emily - 4th Grade?
Samantha with Conner and Betsy, Brooke with Harris, Emily with Josephine, Stephanie with Elliot

Harper got to play for a little while before her nap and was a little overwhelmed with all of the babies

The babies - just hanging out
Elliot (6 months), Josephine (5 months), Harris (almost 2 months), Conner and Betsy (3 months)

Trying to get the perfect shot

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