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Sunday, April 22, 2012

A visit from Grandpa D

This last week, we had a very special visitor.  Grandpa D (Jared's dad) came to stay with us for a week and, man oh man, did Harp's love having him as a visitor.  Harper immediately took to her grandfather - I think the great animal sounds he can make, amazing pictures he can draw and the fact that he gave her his undivided attention for a full week helped!  And of course, Harris enjoyed having Grandpa D around too but he's not quite as animated as his big sister...yet.   I've been very neglectful of my camera over the last few weeks so only managed to snap a few shots just before D left.
Not only was he Super D with Harps while he was here but Dave also worked non-stop with Jared on house projects.  Our backyard was pretty neglected by the previous owners so its been a slow work in progress.  Our two Meabon handymen went to town pulling out plants and bushes, chopping down trees and limbs, working on our outdoor lighting and trying to beautify a neglected area.  And there is a vast improvement after all of their sweat and hard work.

Thank you for visiting Grandpa D and we can't wait to have you back!

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