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Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Lesson on Omphaloceles

I'm realizing that while I could probably win the National Spelling Bee should the last word given be "omphalocele", not everyone has spent the last 26 weeks researching this strange word like we have. I came across this website from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia that does a great job of explaining the defect and the road after. There are a series of seven short videos and I thought I'd share for those of you interested.


Nugget's omphalocele has been classified as large to giant, containing her entire liver and a majority of her intestines. Keep in mind, each case is treated differently so the surgery explained in the videos might not be the exact course of action taken. We will know our plan once she's here next week and can be assessed by the doctors.

Lastly, I'd like to welcome two new babies into the world. Victor Eduardo Francis was born on Tuesday, July 27 to our friends Geisel, Henrique and big sister Camila. Welcome Victor Eduardo! I'd also like to welcome Elias Matthew Clarke, a fellow "O baby", born yesterday and set to have his surgery to repair the omphalocele today at 1:30pm. Welcome Elias and good luck with surgery!


Pam said...

OK I'm half way through Omphaloceles college.(1/2 of the videos) What a wonderful site to get the story of how this is all going to go.Also it will help with how our prayers are prayed.
You all are on my mind everyday, all day long. Thank you sweet precious couple for sharing your story so we can be a part of praying for you.

Pam said...

PS. Nugget, I've gotten to know you a little better. Love you sweet little girl.

Susan Gee said...

Brooke, I just finished watching all the videos and found them so interesting. I was confused about the difference between gastroschisis and omphalocele, and now understand. You and Jared must have digested so much information in the past few months. I pray that having all this knowledge will enable you to be at peace with the entire process next week.

Julie said...

thanks for sharing! I pray for all three of you daily and can't wait to meet your sweet baby girl.

CaroM said...

These videos are great. Thanks for sharing. It is still hard for me to think that I will be walking the same steps shown in these videos. But the most I know the better prepared I feel to meet and care for my LO. I am sure you feel something similar.
Good luck next week. I will be praying for you and your little baby girl.

Lin-Hua said...

Brooke, What an awesome site, thanks for sharing. It has given me a better understanding of it all. Brent and I are thinking about you guys constantly and our Church is praying for you, Jared and Nugget.

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