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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Saturday of Surprises

Saturday was a great day and will surely stick out in my mind as a great Nuggster pregnancy memory. Here’s the email I received from Jared on Friday:

Please don't ask questions and just do the following.
Pack an overnight bag to include a bathing suit, dinner gear and brunch gear and whatever else you see fit to pack for an overnighter.
Be showered and ready by 8:49am Saturday.

Hmm, okay. As a reminder, we found out the sex of our child, Jared and I open our Christmas presents on December 23, I am a planner….in other words, I am not good with surprises. Jared laughed to see me wiggle and squirm to try to decode what was going on.

Saturday morning roles around and there I was, dressed and ready by 8:49am. To make things even more maddening, Jared was taking his precious time not getting dressed and instead, looking like he was about to go to the gym. What was going on??? And then off went our personal alarm system (Rooney) indicating that someone was at the door. Low and behold, there were my friends Krisana, Kathryn and Courtney with a gift in hand! The girls here in SA had put together a monogrammed book bag filled with books for me to take to and from the hospital to read to Nuggs. What a great gift! The girls then treated me to brunch and pedicures for a little relaxation before the madness begins. I’m a lucky girl to have such thoughtful friends here in SA. Thank you for making it a fun morning!

When I got home, the car was packed and off Jared and I went. After driving and finally heading out on I-35, Jared told me the plan. We were headed to the Four Seasons in Austin for a little getaway. Whoo hoo! With the move and craziness of the last few months, we never got the chance to take a “babymoon” so this was our little mini-getaway. We relaxed, sat by the pool, took a nap and then headed out for a steak dinner. The next morning, I had a spa appointment followed by breakfast and then back to San Antonio. Ahhh, I could do that on a regular basis! I think my husband did a pretty good job with his surprise Saturday plans, don’t you?

We had our Monday morning appointments yesterday, first with Dr. Higby, followed by Dr. Cox. Nugget had her measurements taken and she’s growing so that’s good news. I am currently at 36 weeks in my pregnancy. She’s measuring at 35 weeks everywhere except her abdomen which is only measuring 30 weeks and in the 9th percentile (down from the 13th percentile at the last measurement). Her weight is showing about 4 lbs 12 oz. We were sad to hear that abdominally, she’s still so small but Dr. Higby said this is to be expected and her percentile will probably continue to decrease. All went well with Dr. Cox. I asked when he’d start measuring me for dilating. Since I’m a scheduled C-Section and they don’t want to do anything to cause me to go into early labor, I won’t be measured. So it’ll be a “hang on and wait” and hope this baby doesn’t decide she needs to come out any earlier than August 4.

It’s hard to believe that August 4 is only 3 short weeks away. The reality seemed to hit us both like a bus yesterday and we both left Dr. Higby’s office in tears. I can remember my friend, Carey, telling me when she got to the end of her pregnancy that part of her wished she could just keep Aiden in her belly since it seemed so safe in there. At the time, that seemed like such a weird thing to say. I now fully understand what she meant when she said this. If I could just keep this little Nugget tucked inside me, I know she’ll be safe, without the risk of infection and not have to deal with the long, rocky road ahead. I feel like the situation is in my control when I can feel her every movement and know she’s safe and warm in there. Lesson: Brooke, you are not in control! I have to keep reminding myself that God has put this precious little Nugget in our lives for a purpose. I can plan all I want but His plan is so much greater than mine. This is a daily battle for me and, lately, I keep letting the “why me, why us, why our baby?” doubts and questions creep in my mind. I’m thinking about tattooing, “GOD IS IN CONTROL” on Jared’s forehead so I have a constant reminder. That should do the trick, right?

Thank you for your continued love and support. I am constantly amazed by the people in our lives and the love this baby girl already has waiting for her when she gets here.

All my best,



Elisabeth said...

I'm definitely there with you on keeping the babe inside just a little bit longer.... I want him all to myself just a little while longer, and I want my husband all to myself too...just a little while longer.

The last few weeks pass quickly, unlike the rest of the pregnancy. I wish you the best!
Praying for y'all...

Oh also, my best friend works at the Four Seasons Austin! She's a pastry chef and made my baby shower cakes! I could've gotten her to make something special for you..next time...just let me know!

Susan Gee said...

Brooke, your blog is so precious. I loved reading about your surprise Saturday. My favorite thing you said was about tatooing Jared's forehead with "God is in control." Don't we all need that reminder many times a day! I too wish sometimes I could keep my babies tucked safely inside! Even now, and they are grown adults!!
Praying for you constantly!

Julie said...

Best Saturday ever!! Jared is so sweet and we definitely have the best group of friends in the world! I loved reading your blog today- we all need to be reminded every SECOND that God is in control. Love you!

Ashley said...

Brooke, what an inspiring post! We are praying so often for you guys! And yes, Jared did an amazing job with his surprise -- ya'll are adorable. Stay strong and know that everything is in God's hands! Much love from Atlanta.

prozac omphalocele said...

That a nice surprise