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Friday, August 6, 2010

What a difference a day makes

Jared and Brooke with Harper on Thursday, August 5

And with Harper on Friday, August 6

Yes kids, that's right! Santa aka Dr. Kenton visited the Meabon household early this year. And our stocking by the fire came in the form of my getting to hold our little girl for the first time for one full hour! Not only that but when we came down this morning, Medical Team Harper was about to change her O dressing and Jared got to be a part of the Team. He was able to assist the team and did so like a pro. I have video that I'll try to post a little later. AND, not only that but Jar and I got to change her diaper all on our own. We had our own private pooping party, just the three of us. And poop she did!

We each went back separately to sit with her through the afternoon. When I went back I got to change her diaper. We will get to gradually start holding her a little more on days when her O is wrapped.

Oh what great day! I completely over did it today and am paying for it tonight but I don't think anything could ruin this day.

I'll leave you with a few more photos. Her previous garments pictured had been provided by Threads of Love, an organization that provides knit goods for the NICU. Today we dressed our little fashionista in her own garments. Her blanket she was wrapped in while holding her was from Natalie. The pictures below are from this afternoon.

Her mittens were from Noelle, her cupcake blanket was from Pam May and her hat was a hand knit gift Kristin who sells her fabulous products through her online company Milk & Honey. Thank you members of Team Harper - you are officially initiated! And no, being a member does not require a donation. If you are keeping up with our brave girl, you too are officially initiated!


Anne Davidson said...

Oh, Brooke, your post made my heart SO happy. It brought me such joy to see you holding her in your arms.....so I cannot even imagine the joy it brought you! She is so beautiful. I know it makes her so happy to have her Mama changing he diaper and holding her so close. I am so vey happy for yall. I check yall's blog frequently, and I love yall's updates. I hope you get good rest tonight!!


Kristin said...

Oh, she is just beautiful! I can now see both of you in her precious little face in those bottom pictures. So glad that the hat fits her well. Can you believe that she's bigger than Riley was when she was born? :) We are so thankful that all is going well. What a joy to hold your sweet little baby. We continue to pray for the three of you!

Julie Bowers said...

Congratulations to all of you!! I just wanted to say you look wonderful. Being a mom agrees with you :) We were all commenting on what a gorgeous baby Harper is during our long run this morning. Love being able to follow along on the adventures! Keep up the good work,

stephanie said...

Oh happy day! What great news Brooke! She is the sweetest little bean, we just love seeing pictures of her and loving her from afar. So so much love going out to her!

Hang in there lil mama, you are incredible and YOU CAN DO THIS.

love you 3,
steph and coop

adelle said...

Amazing Grace!!!!! I know the feeling of holding your baby for the first time, but you and Jared holding Harper must have been an unbelievable thrill! Your blessing continue and so do our prayers.
Love to all,
Adelle & PD

Susan Gee said...

I love her matching hats, mittens, blankets! What a little diva, she is!!!