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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Still Special

We were suppose to bring Harper home today but our little girl will, once again, spend the night in the hospital. But while today isn't everything we'd hoped it would be, it's still a special day and still our 4th anniversary. A situation like we've been through the last few months can either make or break a marriage and I am so thankful that I'm married to the man I'm celebrating this day with. There is no way I could have made it through with anyone else by my side.

I was speaking to another NICU mom today who is in a horrific domestic situation and it really puts our life in perspective. Yes, it...well, sucks that we don't have our little girl home but we have a home to bring her to, family and friends to support us, each other to lean on and a God that's in control - much to be thankful for! Amazing that this conversation came when I was feeling so sorry for myself - thank you Lord for my dose of reality!

We also have some amazing friends that left a gift card for our anniversary dinner in the mailbox last night. So tonight we are heading to a movie (we figure it might be the last for awhile) and then off to dinner. Thank you Kathryn, Courtney, Krisana, Lisa, Sarah and Julie - I love my friends!

Harper is starting to feel better. Her fever has broken and she's perking back up to her normal self. Her veins are a different story. She's on her fourth IV line in three days since her veins keep blowing. She's had one in the hand, one in the head and two in her feet. Poor girl is pretty tired of being poked and today was a bit of a rough day since she hasn't gotten a lot of sleep.

There is, once again, some conflict regarding what's causing her to be sick. Our neonatologist found a puss pocket on her omphalocele that he thinks is the source and is happy she wasn't sent home before this was discovered. Our surgeon thinks the puss pocket was normal leakage and that she has a virus that she wouldn't have caught if she was out of the hospital. Either way, I don't like my baby being sick and she definitely wasn't herself. The compromise was to have her on antibiotics until the culture from the ooze was identified. The culture came back today and it came back as staff infection. Staff can also grow on normal skin so the debate goes on as to if the O is really infected or not. I'm hesitant to jinx it again but I'll go ahead and say it. If we can wean her off the IV and onto oral antibiotics, the thought is that she can be home by Monday or Tuesday.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers. We will have Harper home before too long, tonight just wasn't the night.

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Courtney said...


I check your blog everyday to see how sweet Harper is doing. Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know I am thinking about your family and say prayers for you guys each day. This experience has not only turned you into an amazing Mother but very strong woman of God. Your constant faith is what will get you through each new day. God has blessed you beyond measure with little Harper and I know He will continue to watch over that sweet girl. Much love to your family and I hope you had a Happy Anniversary.

Susan Gee said...

I know you had a happy anniversary because of the beautiful gift God has given you and Jared. He has blessed your marriage in a miraculous way. And doesn't HE put people in our path who can teach us something??? Wow. Yes, you are so lucky. Prayers continue that this infection clears up and that Harper will be home in a few days!