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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Janet, Jake, Jane, Honey Bunny, Honey or just Mom

November 3 marks a very special day - it’s my Mom’s birthday. So on this November 3, I am so very thankful for my mom.

I’m one of those lucky girls that can call my mom one of my best friends. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t have numerous conversations about all aspects of life. She’s always there to give me advice for things as small as where to find greek seasoning in the grocery store to big issues like how will I be the mother I need to be for my precious baby girl. The past 3 months have given me a whole new appreciation for my mom and I am so thankful for the type of mother she’s taught me to be. I only hope that I can do half as good a job at being Harper’s mom and that Harper and I grow to have the type of relationship that my mom and I have.

Over the last few years, she has seen every person in her immediate family be affected by some type of medical issue and she has been a rock for all of us. The strength, courage, faith and determination she’s shown have been lessons to me on how to be a better woman, wife and mother. I am so grateful to have her as a role model in this crazy world and will pass the lessons she’s taught me on to my own little girl.

So here are a few of the invaluable lessons I’ve learned over the years from my mom:
1. Birthdays should be celebrated with gusto! And it’s never too early to start a birthday countdown.
2. Budget shopping is an art form.
3. Christmas decorations are not to go up until after Thanksgiving and should be down by New Years. However, when it comes to Christmas decorating, go all out!
4. It’s never too cold to have the top down on a convertible. Just crank up the heat and wear a jacket.
5. Handwritten notes are special and will always be appreciated.
6. Pretty is as pretty does.
7. Communication in a marriage is key and when you argue, don’t let it last long.
8. When baking cookies, don’t forget to add the flour.
9. Be a good friend.
10. Never hesitate to pick up the phone, write a note or just send a quick email when someone you know is hurting. Kind words will mean so much to the receiver and it’s better to acknowledge their situation than to think you have nothing to say.
11. When a baby needs to poop, push on their feet and it helps them with the movement.
12. A lamp can add the perfect final touch to a room, a book shelf or a countertop. You can never have too many lamps.
13. Ordering a Greenberg Smoked Turkey for the holidays is not only easier but much more delicious than making one yourself.
14. Listen to anyone over the age of 70. You can learn valuable lessons from them.
15. Putting Sun-In on your daughter's hair during the summer months and letting her swimming in the pool every day will lead to green hair.
16. Answer your children's questions honestly, no matter how hard they might be or how young you think they are.
17. Be the parent that other kids will talk to. You might not like all of the details you hear about your child's life but at least you'll know what's going on.
18. Dogs will always love you and will sleep with their head on your pillow if you let them.
19. Be an amazing grandmother! Grandkids will make you very happy.
20. Love your children, laugh with them, cry with them and learn to be flexible and you will be a wonderful mom.

Happy birthday to the ultimate birthday queen! I love you Mom.


Adelle said...

Beautifully said about a fabulous woman and friend!
Happy Birthday Janet!

Anonymous said...

Feliz Cumpleanos mi amiga preciousa.... Have a wonderful Day Janet! Blessings to all you've done and to all you have yet to do!!!!

The Williams Family said...

What a sweet post to your mom!!

Susan Gee said...

What a great post. Amen to all those qualities about your mom!
And I loved the "Three Month Old" post too. She is just getting cuter by the day!
And glad you have your alarm, Rooney! So cute!

Pam said...

Yes I agree, you have a special mom. She is all you have said and more from a friend's point of view.
You are both blessed!