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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nap Time

We had a busy morning this morning. Jared and I went to the San Antonio Start! Heart Walk. Field Johnson is Harper's friend who was born with a heart condition so we walked to support Field. We were going to bring the little Nugget along but we woke up to a 39 degree morning so she got to stay warm at Honey and Grandy's house.

Jared didn't get in from a work trip until 10:30pm last night so coupled with our early morning, today I am thankful for afternoon naps. I don't think naps get the credit they deserve. Jared and I have both always been big supporters of a weekend nap but they've taken on a whole new meaning with a small child around. It can be a challenge to squeeze one in while your baby is down when you have a million other things to do during that time. However, that sweet, sweet afternoon slumber can be just what a parent needs to recharge the batteries, especially when your child likes to have her pacifier placed back in her mouth so she can go back to sleep at 2:30am, 3:30am, 4am, 5am....oh, and 5:30am. I'm not naming any names, I'm just sayin'.

So to you my dear friend afternoon nap, I don't think we visit each other often enough but when we do, I am always reminded how good you are to me and how I cherish our time together. So don't you go being a stranger, you hear? You come along and visit the Meabon household any time you'd like.


The Williams Family said...

That's why we call it the stinky binky in our house :)

Lisa Johnson said...

Oh, naps are the best! We had "family nap time" after the walk today and it was glorious. All 3 of us slept for over 2 hours! The best part about it was that my little guy napped right in my arms the entire time. Loved it! Thank you and Jared so much for coming to the Heart Walk. It was very special. Love to you!