Everyday lives of the Meabon Household

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Night Time Routine

Tonight as I laid my little girl down to sleep, I realized how much I love our nightly routine. Around 8pm, we start to get Harper ready for bed. She's changed into pajamas, we turn down the lights, read two books, say prayers and then sing. I've found that the best songs to put Harper to sleep are songs from Camp Longhorn Campfire. We start with Taps, followed by Pass It On and then end with Linger. If you were a CLH camper, you probably know exactly what I'm talking about.

I love to watch the peaceful look that comes over Harper's face as she drifts off into dreamland. The hectic rush of the day is slowly stripped away and all that seems to exist in that quiet moment is our little family. Thank you God for these sweet, special moments.


Kristin said...

So sweet. Enjoy this time with her! Soon enough she'll be off running around and you'll miss those nights rocking her to sleep. Our bedtime routine now is changing for bed, brushing teeth, reading the Bible and . . . Dora. Ugh. I miss those days when she would sleep so soundly in my arms. What a great memory!

Anne Davidson said...

Love this post, Brooke! And yes, our nighttime songs are the same!!! We do Taps, ABC's (don't ask me how this one came into the mix!), and then Pass It On. It's been the same things for almost 4 years now! Gotta love CLH!

Julie said...

We sing CLH songs too!!! Not every night....as recently Andy has taught Hadley the words to Gringo Honeymoon and Amazing Grace! ha! What a combo!

Zachry Family said...

We sing CLH songs too! I hope Davis doesn't mind that some are only for girl campers, ha!