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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Flying Colors

My step-dad, Steve, passed his scan yesterday with flying colors! Last month marked two years since Steve had surgery to remove his brain tumor (glioblastoma multiforma) and he remains cancer free as of yesterday's results. Harper just loves her Grandy and lights up every time she sees him. Steve is so important to me and I am thankful that Harper has the opportunity to have him in her life. I don't think I could even try to number the life lessons he's taught me and I hope Harper can learn from Steve like I have.

Harps had her four month appointment yesterday and also passed with flying colors! Dr. McCray is very pleased with her progress. She's up to 11 lbs 12 oz and continues to ride the 12th percentile curve in weight. She's at the 38th percentile in length and 50th percentile in head size. After proudly spouting off her stats to Jared while he was on the road yesterday, his first question was, "Do we need to be concerned? Is she going to look funny with such a big head?" Um, no - she'll be long, lean and that noggin is for her enormous genius brain. Duh!

Her shots made her a little puny once again but I was prepared and had the Tylenol on hand this time and administered at the first sign of whimpering. As expected, the effects lasted into today as well. She had a total meltdown at PT and was completely unproductive but I think we were a little ambitious so soon after her shots. She spent a large portion of today passed out where ever she sat.
Puny Little Girl
Sleeping the day away

I thought I'd share Harper's latest accomplishment - multitasking. The girl has managed to find a way to both suck on her pacifier and shove her fist in her mouth. Impressive, huh?

We are beyond blessed this holiday season!

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Lindsey Sanders said...

I'm not sure which I like better... the hat in the top picture or the polka dotted leggings. But I'm LOVING that she's such a fashionista.... not that I ever doubted that for one second!! MISS YOU!!!