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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cinco Meses

Happy Five Months Harper!

Harper's Top Five at Five:

#5 - Eating. Harper has five bottles a day of about 6 oz of breast milk mixed with rice cereal. Once a day she's having prunes and vegetables. So far, our veggies have been squash (not her favorite), sweet potatoes (a hit) and carrots (also a hit). I guess I should also include her hand and almost anything in her hand in this subject since most of the time, things go straight into her mouth.

#4 - Sleeping. She has the occasional off night but for the most part, the girl is a great sleeper. She goes down at 8:30pm and usually sleeps until about 8:00am. She's not too into naps and only goes for about an hour each time.

#3 - Mommy's Girl. Harper has just recently gotten into a "Mommy Phase". When she's really tired, if I'm not the one putting her down she has a meltdown. We're trying to break this habit by switching off turns on putting her down. Jared is alot tougher than I'd be to put up with all of that crying. She normally just wears herself out and falls to sleep. A side note to #4, she can nap for hours if she's cuddled up on Jared or me. I know this is a habit we should break but I just love snuggling up with that little girl.

#2 - The Voice. Whoa! Harps has found her vocal chords. She's a bit shy in public but in small groups and one on one, she can gabber at top volume.

#1 - Grabbing, grabbing, grabbing. Harper is grabbing at anything and everything in site including jewelry, hair, toys, books, iPhones and bottles. She's made a couple of swipes at her brother (Rooney the Dog) and sister (Kitty) but they're too quick for her. Its fun to see her learning how to use her hands. I'm really hoping she develops her father's hand eye coordination and not her mother's - Jared was a collegiate athlete and I run into tables walking through my own house.

"Enough with the pictures Mom!"


Unknown said...

You can tell how much our sweet girl is growing because her cure monthly numbered stickers on her shirt finally fit her body! Yea! Keep eating those carrots and prunes little one!!
Much love to you Honey

Unknown said...

That should be cute sticker...typo!!!

Tootle Family said...

Cute stickers indeed. I just realized those were stickers. Thought all these moms with babies had 12 different onesies. I'm slow.

She is so darling. Love her little outfit! And, love your blog!

The Kellys said...

We love you sweet Harper! You are too cute for words!! XOXO!

Lucy Davis said...

SUCH cute stickers! I thought the same thing! Brooke: Where did you get those stickers??? I want to get some for my bestie that's due next month! Harper is just precious!!! I enjoy following her growth! XO, Lucy

boo and stacy said...

You capture the cutest little pics of Harps! I loved the Christmas card face on the insert!! I bet she is going to have her mommy's fun spirit and personality!!

Krisana said...

Five months going on five years! She seems to grown up in all those pictures. What a cutie she is! I need to hear her jabbering!