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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Harps Meets Her Betrothed

This weekend, we had Lindsey, Kris and Parker in for a visit. Lindsey and I met years ago while we were both visiting Dallas for a New Years weekend. As things go in Texas, we each had high school friends that ended up being college friends. When Linds came to Atlanta for her residency at Emory in 2006, we got back in touch and became fast friends. The boys met and they, too, formed a quick friendship and even became tennis partners later on.

Since Harper was a scheduled C-section and Parker decided to hang on to the womb for dear life, they ended up being born five days apart. Of course we have their arranged marriage planned and the festivities will be epic...in the year 2040.

Lindsey and I have weekly discussions of all things baby so we were excited to have their family to San Antonio for a visit and the babies could finally meet. This was the first time that Harper's really payed attention to another baby (well, other than the one in the mirror - vain little girl). While Parker couldn't wait to get his hands on Harps, she just smiled and tried to talk to him. It also cracks me up to see the difference in boys versus girls. Parker couldn't get enough of the jumperoo. When Harper is put in the jumperoo, she just sits there and then inevitably tries to eat the seat.


Cara Jaggers said...

So Cute!! I can't wait for the wedding. :)

Susan Gee said...

Love those pictures!

Adelle said...

They certainly make a lovely couple!