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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A few thoughts on teeth

We seem to have reached the peak of RSV on Monday and we're coasting down that mountain only to be met with the road block of teething. I, now, think that alot of the fussiness over the weekend was due in part to teething along with the RSV and ear infection. So here are some of my thoughts on teething:

- It was invented by the devil. So far in our experience, teething is horrendous. Harper just reached the point about a month ago where she can successfully put her pacifier back in her mouth so we've been enjoying blissful, sleepfilled nights. Well, that was only a tease. Thank you teething.

- My child is immune to gum numbing gels. I have heard from so many people that the minute that stuff was slathered on, their children had instant relief. Well, not here. It offers no benefits.

- My child also doesn't like cold things in her mouth. All other suggestions involve cold teethers, ice cubes, frozen fruit, cold or frozen wash clothes. Yes, I have tried these and, no, they do not work.

- Children's Tylenol is my miracle drug. However, it takes about an hour to kick in. When administered at 2am, be prepared to sing, dance, rock, jiggle, plead and cringe until the effects take hold at 3:15am.

- When do you technically count a tooth? If the top is just peeking through the gums, does this count as the official day when your child got their tooth? Or do you have to wait until the whole pearly white is out and showing?

- When your child is a paci-holic, it can be very dangerous come teething time. Harper is deeply soothed by her pacifier. When she wakes up in the middle of the night and reaches for one of her five pacifiers that are positioned throughout her crib for this exact reason, only to be met with utter pain when it hits her mouth, it can be extremely frustrating. She will continue trying the pacifier only to realized its a source of pain, not pleasure. For the past few nights, she'll grab it, put it to her lips, cry out in pain, take it out of her mouth, shake it furiously and then launch it across the room. You can practically hear her yelling out, "Damn you pacifier!!!" This is repeated over and over. Someone has short term memory loss and her name rhymes with Shmarper.
Just up from a nap. Yes, the red mark on the forhead is from sleeping on a paci.

- Why don't teeth seem to hurt that bad during the day?

- 32. That's how many teeth are in the human mouth. Seriously? 32 more to go? No thanks evolution. We'll pass. We don't need teeth. I'm perfectly fine pulverizing my child's food in a food processor for the rest of her life.

See, she can eat without teeth

- I reached out to my Parenting Encyclopedia today. My Parenting Encyclopedia is Courntey Kay. She has 4 children, the oldest just turned five. If she's not an expert then I don't know who is. She was told by her doctor that if adults had to cut teeth we would require morphine to get through the pain. Courtney suggested a rasberry (a giant pacifier with nibs all over to chew and suck on) so that is my mission today.
On a side note, my Parenting Encyclopedia just started a blog. Very entertaining - worth following...or blog stalking if you choose not to follow.

Yes, I fully realize I'm whining. But if you can't tell, I'm running on very little sleep....and I hate teeth.


Pineapples and Pickles said...

Your posts crack me up. Thanks :) I've heard great things about the raspberry.

Hope you feel better soon, Harper.

Lisa Johnson said...

Awww, poor Harper. First, RSV and now teeth. Since my little late bloomer has no teeth yet, I really don't have any advice but I have seen the raspberry and I can see how that might soothe her gums.

Anne Davidson said...

I am so sorry, little Harper!!! Hope you feel better so soon.

Love, Anne

Oh, Brooke...have you tried Motrin with her? That always seems to kick in faster for my girls than Tylenol. Just a thought?! Hope you get some rest tonight! :)

Erica said...

Your blog is wonderful! And Harper is the cutest thing ever! Hyland's teething tablets worked miracles when my boys were teething. I don't know if you have tried them yet. - Erica

Kristin said...

I'm sorry you have had such a rough couple weeks! It always seemed to me that the front teeth were the most painful and I'm guessing that's probably what she's getting now. Riley actually cut all her molars without a peep but those front 4 (top 2 and bottom 2) were killers. I know at one point they recalled the teething tablets but they are miracle workers if there are ones that are safe now. They make all natural ones too, maybe you can see what the doctor says? (and let me know for our next one too :) Good Luck - we're praying for her to feel better soon!

boo and stacy said...

Mattie Sue LOVED the raspberry during teething! Hope Shmarper does too! Nothing worked for Malyn. Shoot teething and RSV at the same time, ouch! Loved the nap picture of all the paci's!!! What a great idea!! Shmarpers Shmart mama!!!

Anonymous said...

Try Hylands Teething Tablets.. they are some hippie, homeopathic thing not approved by FDA (who cares) but alot of moms and my daycare recommended to us and they were heaven sent. Give to her befor she goes to bed. I think they are really just great sleeping pills but who cares as long as she is not in pain. We gave Aidan like 2-3 at a time. Get some! or maybe a popsicle too... aidan is teething molars now, lots of fun. and i am fully stocked on those but again, that's more sugar for them too. Good luck- smacks

CaroM said...

The strawberry works great!. Good luck! I'm glad the RSV is over...

The Brown Family said...

You are SO FUNNY!

I always counted a tooth "in" when it officially brooke the gum... I felt like they were out of pain when that happened for the most part. Some people swear by those all natural melt in your mouth teething tablets. I must have belived they did something because I remember buying a second bottle (or I could have just been desperate.) My kids hated all cold things in their mouth too! AND MOTRIN... girl, you think Tylenol is good... you just wait till you are given the okay to use Motrin. I laughed at what relief Tylenol provided as soon as I met the "Magnificient Motrin." Most peds usually say 6 months and older can get Motrin but with Harper's medical background, I would double check with ped. Just get prepared for the molars!!! Ugh!

Ginny Deegan said...

Hope you've found the raspberry. If not, I know Babies R Us carries them. This teether, however, is much preferred by my baby girl. It is AWESOME! It has so many different textures Harper is bound to find one that helps her gum pain.