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Sunday, March 20, 2011

This and that

I've discovered a new addiction and its called Picnik. Its a photo editing website and I've now spent the last hour and a half playing with it. I've copied a fellow blogger (insert credit to Tiffanie here) and started adding text to my pictures to protect them from being used outside of this blog without permission. Well, that's not the only thing Picnik can do. It can make you BEAUTIFUL! You can add a tan, lipstick, teeth whitening ANNNNDDDDDD you can make yourself skinnier in your pictures! I'm sure Vogue will soon be banging down my door to have that very tan, skinny mom on the cover of their magazine - they just might not recognize that its their cover girl answering the door without all of those magical touch ups! But really, I'll try to leave the airbrushing to a minimum for some authenticity. I cannot, however, promise that I won't airbrush out a stray pimple.

So in honor of my insta-beauty toy, I give you "Harper takes her first wagon ride".

And yes, I am looking a little trashy in these pictures because I was thrown up on, not once, not twice, but three times today. So what you are seeing is shirt #3. I gave up looking cute today and went with Jared's retired v-neck.

Speaking of throwing up, (nice transition huh?) we're having some new food adventures. I have diagnosed our recent bouts of vomit as a reaction to adding yogurt to Harp's diet. I was under the impression that reflux peaked at 4 months but seeing that we're about to hit the 8 month marker and the Squirrel is still spewing, I don't quite think I agree with that peaking theory. I also added some finger foods into her diet...and Harper's father promptly deleted them from her diet. I figured since we now have a tooth - one, uno, singular, A tooth - that the girl would be all ready to dive into the world of puffs, Cherrios, cubed cheese, small bites of veggies and fruit. Nix that idea. Nervous Nelly over here is afraid she'll choke so we had to compromise and wait until she's hit the 8 month mark ("AT LEAST" said Jared). Maybe we'll work on that while Daddy's out of town.

And we've been testing out the sippy cup over the last few weeks. It seems to be more of a chew toy at this point. I don't think Harper's succeeded in purposefully getting any liquids out but she gets so excited when she sees it that I think she's convinced its just a gigantic pacifier.

We went to PT last week and we've taken a little step backwards. I don't know if its the wrap or what but Harper isn't twisting her trunk like she should. The girl does have excellent posture but she just doesn't twist, turn and bend like she should be. She's also not too fond of putting her weight on her arms so we're going back to PT every two weeks again to see if we can figure this thing out.

And that's what's happening in our world.


Kristin said...

I am obsessed with Picnik as well. I took Riley's 2 year portraits myself and no one can tell because of the magic of Picnik! And the nervousness of daddies and food doesn't stop. Riley is 2 and Kevin still doesn't like her chewing her own meals. Not that he's had to save her from choking like I have, but it's just a dad thing I guess! Hope PT goes better - she is such a cutie!

Lisa Johnson said...

I have played around with Picnik too! I love it! I haven't had a ton of time to "get to know it" yet, but I agree that we all should be taking ownership of our pics that are going online. I need to get busy on that asap! Thanks for all the news on Harps. She is so beautiful!

Pam said...

Love all your "this and that". I'm going to try the picnik website, not that I have a camera to make it worth anything but I'll try it.

While I was in CA I walked around in shoes that Eli's spit up landed on one of the first few days. Malyn noticed and tried to get it off.But to late. I now have a new design on them.