Everyday lives of the Meabon Household

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eight Months

-one tooth
-three bottles and three solid meals a day
-ticklish under her arms, on her neck and bottoms of her feet
-working on finger foods
-rolls from her back to her stomach
-looks for rooney and kitty everywhere
-likes to go to bed awake and puts herself to sleep
-loves to have her cheeks and around her mouth "tingled"
-likes to ride in the grocery cart
-starting to whine and learning how to use it to her advantage
-holds her arms directly out when she wants to be picked up
-loves to snuggle
-very gentle
-just learning to wave and kiss
-lights up when she sees people she loves

i love eight months


Erica said...

Brooke - She is too precious! I love the first bunny ear shot. You can tell she is a happy girl!

Lisa Johnson said...

She is just beautiful! Loving your photo editing skills! :)

The Kellys said...

That smile is just precious! We can't wait to see yall next weekend. XOXO!

Elisabeth said...

love the bunny ears!!!