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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Potpourri Saturday

Harps had a few visitors recently. I think she fell in love with Avery when he came to spend the night.

And it was so good to see Becky and Jennifer, two of our favorites from Harper's NICU days.

Our neighborhood pool opened up. Even though it's been in the low 90s, the pool is still a little frigid. This was about as far as Harper would get in. We tried a little more and got full on tears.
Come on Harper - can't you try to cooperate? I had this first swimming experience playing out in my head. You were in the pool in your float laughing away and I was looking like a Victoria's Secret Angel in my swimsuit. Meanwhile your father, looking like an Abercrombie model, was doing triple flips off the side of the pool. Oh, reality is never quite is what we want it to be!

We got to play with Field and Sutton while the Kelly's were in town. I tried to talk her buddies into teaching Harps how to crawl and stand up but they were pretty preoccupied with the toys instead. Harper was mesmerized by Sutton's long flowing locks. She's never seen such beautiful hair before.

Speaking of hair, when Harps is in the bathroom with me and I'm blow drying my hair, she's started reaching up and feeling her head. I think someone's getting a bald complex. I'm about to start scotch taping hairbows to her head. Would that be bad?

That second tooth finally popped up on Thursday but not without some trouble first. The Squirrel ended up catching a cold and has been a waterfall of snot since Tuesday. I think we're coming to the end of it. We had to take her to the doctor since I was afraid she was getting an ear infection. We were so sad that Dr. McCray stopped taking our insurance so we've had to switch pediatricians. This was our first visit with Dr. Neiheisel and Harper seemed to do just fine with the switch. The good news is that she's up to 16lbs 4oz and has hit the 25th percentile in weight! She's also 75th percentile in height so continues on her long and lean course. And no ear infection. Lucky girl!

I'm working on getting a little video of Harper's new tricks but she's learned how to wave and now waves at everything. She waves at people, the dog, the cat, the baby in the mirror, leaves on the trees, her bottles. I'm just chalking it up to her being super-friendly - perhaps a future politician? Geez, I hope not! My parents have a bell hanging on the wall in their sun room. She's learned to make an sign when she wants the bell rung. Harper's also very into kissing things right now. Her favorite thing to kiss is the baby in the mirror. A little narcissistic I'm afraid.

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Pam said...

Cute post!
Love the picture of Harper looking at Suttons hair. :) Then your comments just put it all together and I just laughed out loud.
You are such a clever girl.