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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Thrifty Easter Bunny

On Saturday, the Concordia Lutheran MOPS had their annual Everything for Children Consignment Sale. And wouldn't you know it, I saw the Easter Bunny there! That Easter Bunny is one fiscally conscious cat. Looks like he loaded up on some goodies for Harps.

So here's the low-down. The sale started at 8:30am. Amanda was in town with Sutton and Patrick so the moms and grandmothers decided to make a stop at the sale. Cindy got there at 7am to save our places and ended up being #7 in line. Amanda, Mom and I got there around 8am, hopped into our conveniently held spots (thank you Cindy!) and the line was getting pretty deep. By the time the doors opened at 8:30am, the line was wrapped around the building and these women had massive bags and some serious game faces with them. Mom and Cindy had been before but, needless to say, Amanda and I didn't quite know what we were getting ourselves into. So as we're standing in line, we start talking about what we might need.

Brooke to Amanda - "So what do you need?"
Amanda - "I don't really know but I'm starting to get a little anxious. I feel unprepared. What do you need?"
Brooke - "I don't know. Maybe an umbrella stroller. I don't really need much of anything but I'm starting to get anxious too."

Have you ever seen footage from Filene's Running of the Brides? I don't know what's crazier, bridezillas on the hunt for the perfect dress or parents on the hunt for a deal. After what I saw on Saturday, I'm leaning towards the latter. The doors open to a gymnasium filled toys, strollers, playsets, clothes, clothes and more clothes, books, potties, swings, exersaucers, jumperoos, I could go on and on. It was totally overwhelming. There was a stampede and I quickly realize I'm going to be taken out if I don't start moving immediately!

I beeline for the strollers and nab a Peg-Perego Stoller - normally $200 and I got it for $30 - score! Then I turned around and saw a doll with all the baby accessories, still in its packaging for $9 and I started thinking Easter. Then I think I blacked out. By the time I walked out of there, I had a stroller, a giant foam floor mat, a pushcart, a second pushcart, a mini tri-cycle, a wooden five-sided activity box, a hooded baby pool, a baby with accessories, two soft books, a baby gate and a play piano. And I'm not kidding when they said they had a flatbed cart that I could load up with my purchases. Now to my defense, I spent $150 and Easter is done! The flatbed trailer also helped carry my mom's purchases - I think she blacked out too. But I will admit that I walked in to the house and did not make eye contact with my husband as I unloaded my finds. Harper might need an Easter basket the size of a car.

So in conclusion, I'd like to recommend the Concordia MOPS Everything for Children Sale...but don't forget your wrestling pads. You're sure to need them when you run in to me and that must have item that stands between us!

Harper loves her new activity box
Just a few of the smaller purchases - post Clorox wipe down
The car was pretty tight with the new found treasures


Pam said...

What a fun day. First time moms and grandmas should do exactly what you all are doing. Besides you will have all that for any second and third babies. :) so that is even more thrifty than you thought.

Arnold Party of 5 said...

WHAT....I don't believe you....is this real? I need to see this gymnasium.

I'm cracking up that you 'blacked out'...I'm going to tell Boo next time I come home from Target..."I don't know what happened, I just blacked out!"

CaroM said...

That seems like a lot of fun. I wish they had one like that in Fort Collins.
I couldn't believe Harper is already standing up. She looks precious!!

Susan Gee said...

Brooke, Julie and I have been going to this for several years. Waited in that same line, one of shopping for Marshall, the other for Macy. We'd shop for several years in advance too. This year, she got really smart and sold some of her own items and she got to go to the "pre-shopping evening" the night before, open just for the sellers! Such fun to get these bargains!

Susan Gee said...

I'm sorry, most of that comment doesn't even make sense!! I didn't proofread! I meant we'd buy items in larger sizes, for several years from the current size. I guess I "blacked out" thinking of the shopping frenzie!