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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Viva Fiesta!

Over the last two weeks, San Antonio has been celebrating Fiesta. With parades, parties and festivals, it's almost overwhelming to decide what to attend. Having an 8 month old also limits your options a bit. So to celebrate her first Fiesta, we took Harper to the King William Fair yesterday. She loved the people and the activity but, as you can see, was a little exhausted by it all. I can only imagine that our Fiesta experiences will get bigger and bigger with every year so we're happy we started small this year. We can only go up from here!
Viva Fiesta!
Arriving at King William

Lots of people and activity

The neighborhood was decorated for the festivities

I love some fair food but is this necessary???

Look! There were Rooneys everywhere!

Harper enjoying the fair. Oh, wait. Take a closer look.

But we kept going. Nothing wrong with an afternoon nap in the stroller!

And we got to play with Sutton, Amanda and Patrick who were in from Dallas.

Harper on the way home - tired but still smiling


Pam said...

Future Fiesta Queen! I can just see her dreaming about it!

Great introduction to a yearly event.

Arnold Party of 5 said...

SOO jealous!!! Looks like fun!! passed out in the stroller is too cute!!