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Monday, May 9, 2011


So it's 11:18pm.  When I put the Squirrel down each night, I leave her door closed so I don't wake her up.  Just before I go to bed, I open the door in case the monitor goes kaput in the middle of the night.  I just opened up the door and was knocked down with the stench of the dreaded dirty diaper. I gave her booty a little pat and sure enough, it's chocked full.

Harps is in one of those "phases" where she's not going down easily.  She cried for a good 45 minutes in bed tonight before passing out (note that it was 1 hr 45 min last night so we're improving), but once she's out, she's down for the count.  So here's the dilemma - do I wake her up, change the diaper and risk a midnight meltdown?  Or do I let her sleep through it since its clearly not bothering her now?  Is my child going to have a serious case of chapped, red bum when she wakes up?  It's too late to call anyone for advice so I'm reaching into the blogging abyss.  Anyone, anyone???

And feel free to give advice in the morning so I know what to do this next time this issue comes around. 

Oh, the joys of first time parenting!


Lisa Johnson said...

Aw, sorry I just saw this. This has happened to us before and I have always changed it in the middle of the night. I just quickly and gently picked him up from the crib while he was sleeping, laid him on the ground, changed it super fast (had all of the items I would need laid out already so it would be easy) and then put him right back into the crib. Surprisingly, he stayed asleep. He woke a little, but as soon as I gave him his paci he went right back to sleep. My concerns if you left it are the diaper rash and also that she would wake up at like 3am with a dirty diaper and would be super mad and you would have a much harder time getting her down at a much harder time in the night.

Maegan said...

Ugh, this is one of the biggest decisions every time it happens. But I will say nothing is worse or more disgusting than chiseling off baby poo in the morning off of a burned little bottom. You just have to use your super stealth like moves to try to change the diaper without waking up the baby! Good luck!:)

Courtney said...

I know this is a day late but I vote for waking her up to change it. If you don't, it causes such horrible diaper rash and she'll wake up anyway later in the night probably due to that yucky diaper. Keep fighting through those hard nights at bedtime. They go through so many phases and this is one that will fade and probably even make an ugly return. The good news is that phases don't last forever!