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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thumbs Up Thursday

Welcome to my new Thursday posting.  Thumbs Up Thursday is my random list of things that make me smile, products that I can't get enough of, items on my wish list or just personal little reasons to celebrate. 

Want to know what prompted this?  Oprah.  That's right, I watched and shed a tear over Oprah's last show today.  She kept talking about her gratitude journal.  Then this afternoon, I saw a similar idea on another blog so I thought I'd combine the two and wha-la!  "Thumbs Up Thursday". 

To make it even more complicated, you too can participate in Thumbs Up Thursday!  Enter your blog on the link list below, feel free to borrow the official "Thumbs Up Thursday" picture, link on over and post away!  So here we go:

Thumbs Up to Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick.  I used this stuff in junior high and have recently rediscovered its magic.  My best friend from growing up, Stephanie, simultaneously rediscovered Black Honey and we conversed over our love of its fantasticness.  If you aren't a big lipstick fan like me, its more like tinted chapstick but glossy, silky and pretty. 

San Jacinto Junior High School 8th Graders sporting Black Honey in 1993

Thumbs Up to family runs.  I'm an outdoor runner, Jared's a treadmill runner.  However, the hubs has recently had a change of heart and we've started running as a family.  The Squirrel straps into her buddy Bob and off we go! 

And Double Thumbs Up to my husband who can pull off running without his shirt on.  While I give him a hard time because he's "that dude running down the street without his shirt on", I also don't mind having him as my trophy husband whilst running.  And maybe I'm just a little jealous because I would probably cause an accident if I stripped off my top mid-run and let the twins fly free!

Thumbs Up to www.peekinourworld.com.  Notice anything missing?  How about blogspot?  That's right.  I purchased my domain so now you can link right over to PIOW without having to plug in blogspot.  Ta-da!

Thumbs Up to The Hunger Games.  I realize I'm a little behind the times on this one but I just finished the whole series and couldn't put it down.  Let's just not discuss the fact that they were written for 7th Grade reading level.  It makes me feel smarter that way.

Thumbs Up to Facebook on your birthday.  Pre-FB, you'd get the occasional birthday wish but now Facebook makes sure all 661 of my "Friends" are aware that its my birthday, resulting in countless birthday wishes.  *NOTE:  See previous post to understand my obnoxiousness about May 24.

Quadruple Thumbs Up to Steve (a.k.a. Harper's Grandy) having another clear brain scan!  Tumor free for 2 1/2 years!

So what makes you want to give a big Thumbs Up? If you're a blogger, click below and play along. If you aren't, leave a comment!


Jeanette said...

Thumbs up to you Brooke! Thanks for sharing the good news report for Steve. Evelyn...and therefore your mom are my friends.

Anne Davidson said...

#1 made me laugh!!! About a year ago I found a clinique black honey tube stuck in a pocket of an overnight bag of mine! I was SO happy to find it and wondered why I ever stopped wearing it!!! So glad to hear of the good news on Steve! praise God!

boo and stacy said...

I just might have to try out 'ol black honey....

Love the Thumbs Up Thursday idea!