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Saturday, June 11, 2011

A "Roaring" Good Time

If you haven't been to the San Antonio Zoo, you are missing out.  It really is a great Zoo and so much better than I remember it being 15 years ago.  Kathryn, Lisa and I decided to take the kids on Thursday.  We were all so excited but as you can see, I guess the Zoo meant alot more to the thirty-somethings in the group than it did to the 8 month, 10 month and 12 month old! 

Two pieces of advice:  #1) Go online to http://www.saattractions.com/ and print off a coupon.  #2) Be prepared to sweat bullets while you're there.  I wouldn't recommend going in July, August or September since its so dang HOT outside.  We were there at 9am and within minutes, I was wondering why I showered before I went.  BLA-ZING!

I hope in a couple of years, our Zoo outing will induce a little more excitement.  I guess seeing an elephant for the first time in your life isn't too thrilling!
arriving for our adventure - don't they look pumped?

at least the grown-ups were excited

"look harps and field!  a bear!"
"uh, whatever...." 

"look annabelle!  a rhinoceros!"
"huh, big whoop..."

"look field!  a wild dog!"
"oh, i'm more impressed by belle, my dog at home" 
"look squirrel! its an alligator!"
"um, great.  do they have any kitties here?"

"harps - see the bird, the elephant, the monkey, the bear and that african...what the heck is that???"
"so, can i go home and take a nap now?"


boo and stacy said...

SO FUNNY!!! Unimpressed! My kids like the aquarium better. NICE effort ladies! Field even had his little zoo outfit on!! All such cute kiddos!!!

Lisa Johnson said...

Hahahaha! Love it. Next time, let's make our playdate much simpler. Clearly the little ones were not impressed. They will be in a few years!