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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thumbs Up Thursday

Welcome to our 2nd edition of Thumbs Up Thursday!  Feel free to play along and add your link down at the bottom.

Thumbs Up to Jenn Brookover, local San Antonio photographer who did Harper's 7 month pictures.  Since we weren't able to get new born shots, we waited until Harper was old enough to sit up.  Jenn did an amazing job and we love the pictures she took.  We just got the electronic files so I had to share.

Thumbs Up to CeraVe soap and lotion.  I use CeraVe because my skin tends to get pretty dry and I swear by it as a product.  Its the only thing that doesn't leave me looking like I've spent a week in the desert.  I started using it on the Squirrel when she had eczema early on and have continued using it on her.  She has ridiculously soft skin and I attribute this to CeraVe.  However its not tear-free so we use Burt's Bees Baby Shampoo for her flowing locks...or lack there of. 

Thumbs Up to finding the secret to sound sleep.  We have a Little Lamb sound machine on the girl's crib.  It plays relaxing noises for 43 minutes but I noticed that naps were ending the minute the Lamb noises shut off.  We have a great noisy fan in our office so I moved it over to the girl's room and tried it out during nap time. Two hours and one well rested baby later, I made the decision that fan was a permanent fixture.  It's incredible!  When we traveled, I took the hotel radio alarm clock, found a good stream of static and set it next to the pack n' play.  White noise is my friend.

Thumbs Up to the Johnson's moving into our neighborhood today!  We are so excited to have Field and his parents so close.  Good luck with the move Lisa and Brad!


boo and stacy said...

Hey fast learning techno geek, I can't keep up with the Meabons!!! I tried to express my love for my Mommy Hook purchase today but it took 2 tries. I'm not giving up!!!!!!!!

Maggie said...

I'm so glad I finally got the link to your blog - its fantastic!!! Hope to see yall again soon :) - Maggie