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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thumbs Up Thursday - Apps Edition

I've passed on some App knowledge recently and thought I'd dedicate this Thumbs Up to some of my handiest, dandiest, most used Apps on my iPhone and iPad.

Thumbs Up for BlogPress.  If you are a blogger and you've tried posting from your iPhone or iPad, you know its not easy.  I introduce you to BlogPress.  Every now and again, I'll have some picture posting problems but it beats trying to post through a web browser.

Thumbs Up for Hanging With Friends.  If you play Words With Friends, try Hanging With Friends.  It's equally as addictive and I'm a fan.  Leave your user name in a comment and I'll happily challenge you to a game.  My only rule with Words or Hanging - if you lost the previous game, the loser has to be the one to request a new game with that opponent. 

Thumbs Up for Allrecipes.com and Epicurious Apps.  These are fantastic cooking apps that will create shopping lists, give step-by-step directions and have user ratings on all recipes.  You can browse by meal, occasion or ingredients in the comfort of a grocery store aisle and you'll always find a crowd pleaser.

Thumbs Up for the Zillow App.  While I am not house hunting and will not be house hunting anywhere in the near future, I love knowing details on a house for sale.  This app allows you to pull up houses for sale by your location and access information and pictures.  So say you're out cruisin' and you pass a fabulous house for sale.  You just have to know what it looks like inside. Wha-la!  All of the details are instantly at your fingertips!

Thumbs Up for White Noise.  With our recent stays in hotels and such, we've been able to turn on the White Noise App, set it by Harps and the Pack n Play and Jared and I can quietly continue on with our evening without having to sign full conversations to each other.

Thumbs Up for the Kindle App.  I've always been a big reader but since the Squirrel's come along, reading took a short hiatus.  Since I introduced this fantastic app into my life, I've been able to read again.  Since I always carry my phone or iPad on me, my books are now always with me.  If I'm rocking a baby to sleep, I can still pull up my book and happily read away.
Thumbs Up for pulse.  pulse let's you access all of your favorite online magazines in one swoop.  You can quickly browse the articles and pick and choose what you want to read at that moment.  If you get it, go through the tutorial.  It will save you alot of guessing on how this app works. 

Thumbs Up for Pandora.  Now I know Pandora is probably an app that everyone uses but if you have young children, check out Toddler Radio.  They put together a great mix of kid friendly music that doesn't make you want to rip your speakers out of the wall and drop kick them across a lake. 

So Peekers, I want to know what Apps you can't live without.  I'm always up for good suggestions and with the rate they produce these suckers, there's always a latest and greatest that you don't know how you previously lived without!

I receive no compensation for these products - I just like 'em.


Maegan said...

I just discovered Hanging with Friends. I love it and hate it all at once. But I challenge you to a game. My user name is maegancs.

Lindley said...

I don't know Hanging w/ Friends but I can assure you I will love it b/c I am addicted to WWF. My username is lin81479. Bring it!

boo and stacy said...

I invited you last night to a game... funny you haven't accepted.... are you scared?

Good to know about Blogpress!!!!!