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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why didn't anyone warn me?


So I got the message that after having children, there would be times that kids music would get stuck in my head. I was fully prepared for The Wiggles, Raffi and Disney to fill my head with their tunes that are easy to learn since they are aimed at those below 3 feet.

I was not, however, prepared to get the songs that every blinking, flashing toy in my house begin to spew the moment they are tapped stuck in my head. What makes it worse is that most of them take a classic song from my childhood and twist it into a monstrosity about walking, cooking, counting, wagging your tail, being your best friend or snuggling. What the heck!

Before we retired the jumparoo, it was:

(sung to Ol' MacDonald)
Lots of friends live on the farm,
Come along with me!
There's so much for us to do and animals to see.
Flocks of hens and horses too,
Roosters crow and cows say moo!
There's so much for us to do,

Harper was close to out growing the jumparoo but I think I jumped the gun a little on retiring it to the attic just so I wouldn't have to hear the song anymore.

Right now, there's two that keep making a daily appearance in my brain. The first from the walking dinosaur:

(think Mary Had A Little Lamb)
Happily we ride along, roll along, stroll along,
Happily we ride along on our dinosaur!

And from the toy kitchen:

(stolen from Dinah In The Kitchen)
Someone in the kitchen is laughing,
Someone in the kitchen today,
Someone in the kitchen is laughing!
Make friends every day!

Almost each toy also has their own strange version of counting to ten and a weird twist on the alphabet. If I start counting something, I'm usually singing one of the toy songs.

The worst is when you're sneaking across the room to peak at a sleeping child and your foot happens to encounter a stray toy lying in the middle of the floor. Not only does it scare the bejesus out of you and wake your child, but low and behold, now the freaking song is back in your head! So for those of you planning children in your future, consider yourself warned.

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Pam said...

O Brooke that is soooo funny. I as a Mom and Nama know what you mean, all the way to the end when one steps on a toy or touches the toy box slightly. When that happened to me,yes I was startled but not enough to immediately drop to the floor so the once sleeping child doesn't see me and just thinks the toys have come alive and falls back to sleep.
Hang in there, you have grandkids to relive this experience. :)
O and on why you weren't warned? Why not let you new mommy's enjoy the new sounds of the technology world. They will one day be sweet music to your ears. Wonder what music will be coming out of her iPod in her teen years. :)
Loved this blog along with your sweet family.

Unknown said...

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