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Monday, August 22, 2011

One Year Stats

Harps had her one year appointment last week.  Harper as a 1 yr old:

Height:  29 1/2"  (50th percentile)
Weight:  18lbs 10oz (10th percentile)

Teeth:  Two....still two
Favorites:  Waving at everything, The Bell at Honey & Grandy's house, The Mermaid at Honey & Grandy's house, people watching, going for a ride in the car, shopping, her baby piano, her alphabet train, walking her baby in her stroller, kitchen spoons, eating in restaurants

 Food:  No more bottle!  Three meals per day, two snacks per day.  Hates milk.  Loves water out of her sippy cup
Favorite foods:  Sweet potatoes, yogurt, cheese, scrambled eggs, Cheerios, graham crackers, almost any fruit, bean and cheese quesadillas or tacos, prunes
Words:  Eeehhh for almost everything - as in "I want that", "More please", "Rooney", "Kitty", "That toy, yes that one right over there".  We're working on more but Eeehhhh is just about all we're getting.  Mama, Dada and a string of noises and songs that make no sense.  Still working on signs but she has no interest in using them.  Understandable communication doesn't seem to be high on the girl's priority list. 

Movement:  Crawling at top speed, walking around while holding onto furniture, standing and playing with toys without holding on until she realizes she isn't holding on and then quickly grabs onto the nearest piece of furniture.  We're realizing that our Squirrel is very timid.  She's not going to do something physically until she knows she can do it perfectly.  I have a feeling that, just like crawling, when walking starts she'll be off like it's nothing. 
Sleeping:  We started putting Harper straight to bed while still awake for her nap and just after her night time songs and prayers.  She now likes to go to bed awake, have some time in her crib by herself and put herself to sleep (instead of being rocked to sleep).  She must have one pacifier in her mouth and a second to rub against her forehead to put herself to sleep.  I think the 2nd paci is her version of a blanky or lovie.  I've tried getting her to take hold of anything soft and cuddly but she just wants that rubber paci to rub against her forehead.  I'm just as confused by it as you are reading about it.
Overall very happy and easily entertained.  Can sit and play by herself for a good stretch as long as she can see mom, dad, Honey or Grandy.  Very weary of strangers.  Smiles all of the time and likes to be chased and tickled. 

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Ashley Quarles said...

Love that she uses a paci to rub her forehead! I did the same thing as a child (except I had 5! yes 5!!! paci's at one time) and my girls did too!