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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thumbs Up Thursday

Today's Thumbs Up is actually a combo package.  By combining these two products together, our dining experience is nearly flawless!

Thumbs Up for the Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair.  I was toting the highchair cover all over San Antonio.  And while effective, there were often times that the restaurant's highchair didn't reach the table.  Other times, there'd be a huge gap between the table and the chair resulting in food all over the floor.  I discovered this handy hook on chair and it now goes with us everywhere.  Harper is right at the table with us when we sit down to eat and its adjusts to pretty much every type of table.  What's even better is that if we're with friends and they don't have a spare high chair, we pull this little contraption out of the car and we're all set.  It folds down flat so that you can easily carry it in and out of the restaurant when needed and it's easy to wipe off if it gets a little dirty.

Thumbs Up for the Summer Infant Tiny Diner Placemat.  I've seen a variety of the disposable placemats but in my mind, the Tiny Diner Placemat beats out all of the competition.  It has suction cups on the bottom of the placemat so that it sticks to most surfaces without leaving a sticky residue.  And I love the fact that it has a trough on it to catch food.  Now I'm not bending down under the table at a restaurant after each meal to clean up the little pieces of food all over the floor.  Most importantly, its reusable and easy to clean with a wet napkin so not only are you helping with the mess, but you are helping the environment!

Here we have Harper modeling our products of the day.  As mentioned, when these two products are used together, its mealtime perfection....well, minus the every now and again screaming child. 

And a special thanks to Elliot Hill for showing off her Thumbs Up by the pool.  She even went for a stylish blue shade to match her tongue!

I receive no compensation for these reviews - I just like the products!


The Brown Family said...

I loved that combo with Carter and Addie... too bad the first mat was blue so Addie rocked the blue too along with the blue bumbo. That is before I thought to start buying neutral items like that!!! Love it!

Tootle Family said...

we have that chair!!!! LOVE it! I give it as gifts b/c people never think to register for it. we traveled with it all the time.