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Monday, October 24, 2011

A visit to the Dirty South

We made the trek to Atlanta this weekend and guess who forgot her camera?  Swell.  But I must say, sometimes it's nice to be able to enjoy the weekend and memories without feeling like I have to freeze every minute in time. 

We enjoyed the PERFECT fall weather.  We saw lots of old friends.  We introduced Harps in person to so many people that have followed her along through her pictures over the last 14 months.  We spent three nights back in a city that we loved living in for 7 years.  We had QT with Grammie.  We got treated like rock stars at the Four Seasons (it helps when you have connections!).  We took a drive through memory lane and cruised past our old house.  All in all, a great trip!

And guess who was a star traveler?  That's right - The Squirrel!  She was a fantastic flyer and we were thrilled. Don't worry Atlanta, we'll be back again soon - and maybe next time with Numero Dos in tow!  Why do I feel like flying won't be so easy when that happens???

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