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Monday, November 7, 2011

15 months

A little about Harper at 15 months

21 lbs 4 oz - 25th percentile in weight

30 1/2 inches - 50th percentile in length

8 teeth: four front top, two front bottom and the top and bottom molars on the right side

words:  dada; mama - means mommy or milk; ba - means ball or book or balloon; baba - sippy cup; bebe - baby (these last three can get very confusing);  pupu - pumpkin; nak - snack; owa - outside; Douga - Douglass her stuffed monkey; ubba - pick me up; she's a constant flow of babble right now

physical movment:  walking; running; starting to climb; can push up from sitting to standing; very little crawling anymore; dances when music comes on

animal sounds: sheep; cow; kitty cat; snake; duck; Santa Claus (okay, not an animal but still says "uh, uh, uh")

signs: waving; blowing kisses; food; up

current obsessions: balloons; books; pumpkins; patting her belly when I sing the "Pat Your Belly" song (completely made up, no you will not find it on iTunes); Rooney; Kitty; babies and other kids; baby dolls; pictures of babies (do you see a theme?); dancing; any kind of beauty product or toiletry like shampoo, lotion, toothpaste and make up cases; saying "ahhh" after she takes a big drink or sees anyone else taking a drink; reusable water bottles; rubber duckies; balls; being outside; riding in her red wagon; Douglass the stuffed monkey; watching herself on video or on an iPhone with camera flipped so she can see herself; loves little boys

personality: super affectionate; loves giving hugs and laying her head down in your lap; very curious and just starting to test limits on what she can and can't do; gets very hyper and loud at home or with Honey and Grandy; pretty good around strangers; likes to walk laps around the house with no particular purpose other than to practice walking; doesn't like to be messy or dirty; has a huge appetite; has started going to get her favorite things from around the house and bring them to Rooney like a gift - he's not too impressed with the gifts

more hair is coming in on the back of her head but still not bow-worthy...someday

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Unknown said...

Tonight when I was bathing Harper we were discussing animal sounds. I asked her what sound Grandy made? She looked around for a few seconds, then shyly smiled, coughed loudly and then we both started giggling!
I do believe she's developing quite a sense of humor. BTW, Grandy loved hearing all about that story!