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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Babysitters and Date Nights

Here's a two-fer.  

I am grateful to my parents, who are eager and willing to babysit Harper for us.  Other than the rare occasion, Honey and Grandy are our usual babysitters.  I'm thankful not only that they give Jared and me time to get away but also that Harper is just as comfortable at their house as she is at our's.  She'll always have a special bond with her H&G.

On that note, I am thankful for last night's date night.  I love that I'm married to my best friend and that, after eight years of being together, we can still have endless conversation over dinner.  It's amazing how a quite little night of dinner and a movie can make you feel like you aren't an old fart that's crawling into bed at 8:30pm on a Saturday again! 

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Unknown said...

And we are thankful for that special bond! She lights up our lives and we love our time spent with her.