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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Maternity Pants

Today I am thankful for maternity pants.  My stomach has popped out much earlier this pregnancy and, for some horribly ridiculous reason, I was holding off on making the switch.  I kept squeezing my ace into my regular jeans, even busting out the rubber band to help with the button so that I could say I was "still in my pre-pregnancy jeans".  Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Brooke, you are pregnant.  And with that comes an expanding waistline, expanding hips, expanding thighs and, yes, even an expanding back end.  Get over your vanity and get into some comfort!  Done.

Maternity pants, I love you.  Your stretchy waste band, elastic give in the legs and overall comfort make me feel like I'm wearing sweatpants throughout the entire day.  You also make me question why I don't just go with maternity pants at all times - both when pregnant and when not?  There's no uncomfortable pinch when you're around.  No plumbers crack or panties showing when I bend over.  Just a half a foot of that fantastic fabric stretching up over my stomach and just below my bra line.  Ahhhh.  You might take away every ounce of sexiness I could possibly muster up in my being right now as I continue to expand in all areas (ok, that's why I don't wear you year-round - I forgive you) but I just wanted to let you know you are appreciated. 


Unknown said...

Can I have them after March? I have no shame, I desire comfort at all times, I crave no panty lines...hand them over to your mama!!!

Lisa Johnson said...

Hahaha! I still wear my maternity skinny jeans. Not kidding. They are too comfortable not to wear!