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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thoughts on pregnancy round #2

Here I am, 25 weeks/6 months into this pregnancy and I think it's appropriate to write down some thoughts about pregnancy with Número Dos.

- Second children really do get a bit of a raw deal. With my first pregnancy, I was SO in tune to everything going on with the baby. I could tell you details like when the baby was forming fingernails, when it could begin to see the sunlight or bright lights shining through my belly and when it started taking practice breaths. Someone would ask me how far along I was and I'd answer "23 weeks and 2 days". I checked my pregnancy app on my phone daily to find out little details about pregnancy and what I should be doing. This time around, I've literally had moments where I have to remind myself I'm pregnant. Ask me how far along I am and I'll probably give you a look of confusion and answer, "Uh, I'm due in March so, what? 6 months?". We haven't made any nursery purchases, nor have we decided anything about his room and he will, most likely, be wearing his sister's pink pajamas when he arrives. And while I'm being careful about what goes into my body, I'm definitely not being the deli meat Nazi that I was the first time around.

- There is no scientific research behind this next statement but purely my own theory. I think carrying a boy and, therefore, having testosterone in your body that you aren't use to can make you a crazy, raging psycho. My patience level is just about non-existent. I can go from happy as a lark to stark raving lunatic in about 2 seconds. Don't believe me? Ask my poor husband. Wow. There are times I surprise myself! And I'm chalking this up to the testosterone. I was not like this with Harper. I was peaceful, happy and hungry. Now I feel like everyone around me is trying to push my buttons...and I'm still hungry. So if I snap on you or you walk away from an interaction with me thinking, "geez, what a hag!", I apologize in advance and promise to be normal again in March. Well, make that May when I have some sleep.

- Jar and I are both a little baffled that we saw this little guy in our last sonogram at 18 weeks and now won't see him again until he's here in person. You have to remember that we had weekly sonos with Harps so got to see her all of the time. This time, we hit the major check points with the anatomy scan and that was that. Kinda weird.

- We're also freaking out a little that we really don't know what it's like to have a newborn at home. Harper was over 2 months old when we brought her home. She was sleeping through the night and we didn't have to deal with those awkward moments like when their belly button falls off. Do we need to be taking those parenting classes at the hospital???

- My boobs are huge. And not in a good way. In a way where I have cleavage wearing a turtle neck. My husband might disagree but I am not amused. Why couldn't I be waif-like with size A cups?!?!

- Please don't tell me that we won't be as lucky with this baby as we've been with Harper from a personality standpoint. I realize that Harper might be the most easy-going child on the face of the planet. You are right, we might not get "that lucky". I would prefer children with unique personalities and things that make them special. We might have another mellow mushroom but, then again, we might not. But for some reason this statement always rubs me the wrong way. It makes me think people are wishing us an unruly child. You might get to see that psycho crazy I was taking about earlier if you bring up the "lucky" thing.

- I'm eating way too many pepperocinis for it to be healthy. If I haven't burned a hole in my stomach, I'm a little surprised. I set a jar out while I make both lunch and dinner and munch away like they're popcorn. I go through two jars a week - seriously. This kid is going to like spicy food whether he wants to or not.

- Confession: If I'm wearing a blousey shirt and you might not totally know if I'm pregnant or not at first glance, there have been times where I grip my stomach like I feel a kick, just so the person behind me at the grocery store knows it's a baby belly, not a taco belly. And no, there probably was no kick.

- All this being said, I still really like being pregnant. I love those bumps and kicks. They make me smile.


Adelle said...

I think the "lucky" part has to do with the parents who are creating a wonderful life for their lucky children! I am sure he will be a very lucky, precious, and wonderful child - just like his lucky sister!

Elisabeth said...

Loved the post.
I know baby #2 won't get the same "new mom" attention, but they'll be loved nonetheless.
I did the same "hold my belly so people know I'm prego" pose.

Tootle Family said...

Loved this post.

Courtney said...

Boys turned me into a very angry bitter woman. That being said I have 2 wonderfully sweet boys so may be we did a bit of personality sharing.

Every kid is different but if Harper is anything like fennen you will be in good shape. Harper's easy going personality is what is going to make her a terrific big sister and momma's little helper.

You will love the babymoon - that first week or two at home is a bit scary but also the most magical as its when you become the new Meabon family and fall in love all over again.