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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hollywood BFF's - New Years Eve Party

Okay Peekers.  We've been friends for awhile now so I think it's time I let you in on one of my favorite conversations - Hollywood BFFs.  If you were famous and lived in Hollywood, who would be your best friends?  Which personas famosas would run in your pack?

I put WAY too much time and energy into this conversation and since I have a large circle of Hollywood BFFs, here's who'd be in attendance at the Meabon 2011 New Years Eve Party:

- Christina Applegate:  She is my Hollywood BFF.  We like to go out to wine lunches, talk about new mom stuff and invade each other's closets when we can't find anything to wear.  Our daughters will also be best friends.

- Natalie Portman:  Natalie and I met in college when we were both studying abroad and have been close friends ever since.  She threw me each of my baby showers and they were lovely. 

- Minnie Driver:  Minnie is wonderful to have a parties.  She's my friend that makes me laugh until my sides hurt.  

- John Cusack:  John is always invited since he and Jared are best friends.  They play basketball together over at our exclusive gym and they both love watching hockey.

- Padma Lakshmi:  Padma is my elegant friend that takes Jared and me to fabulous dinners at all of the new hot spots.  We let her order for us and her selections are always a home run.

- Neil Patrick Harris:  N.P. and I love to shop together.  You can always count on him to bust into a show tune at the end of the night.  His kids, Gideon and Harper (we call her H2) are just a few months younger than our Harper so we do alot of kid activities together - music class, play gym, going to the park.  

- Philip Seymour Hoffman:  Philip is our neighbor.  We often meet him at the cafe down the street for breakfast pastries and coffee.  He likes to wear beat up jeans, v-neck undershirts and sunglasses.

- James Harrison:  James and Jared work out together at the gym.  He's a little intimidating given his football reputation but really, he's a softie. 

- Kate Winslet:  When Kate and I go out, we drink too many martinis and smoke too many cigarettes. (And no, I don't smoke in real life but with a friend like Kate, you have to smoke cigarettes)  She can help me dissect the issues of the day and I always feel filled with confidence after I've gone to her with a problem.

- Justin Timberlake:  Jared and Justin have been really good friends since they first met in their early twenties.  Justin is STILL single and we're always trying to set him up with new people.

- Kristen Wiig:  Kristen is my friend the way JT is Jared's - friends since our early twenties when we were both single and running around the city.  We were in each other's weddings but she's now divorced.  I've been trying to set her up with my brother but she's dating this new guy.

- John Stewart:  John likes to get into debates at our parties.  Sometimes it can get a little tense but he's good about smoothing things over before the night is through.

- Andy Rodick:  You know how your husband always has a friend that you're not too crazy about?  Well, Andy is that friend of Jared's.  We always have to invite him along but I just don't get it.  

- Ellen and Portia:  We love our other neighbors, Ellen and Portia.  They are such an amazing couple and invite us out to their ranch on the weekends.  We love going out there and wish we could go more but our crazy social calendar keeps us so busy.

- Ryan Gosling:  Because every party needs some eye candy. 

Isn't it going to be a great party?  

Okay, your turn.  Who's your Hollywood BFF?  


Lisa Johnson said...

HAHA! This would be a fun drinking game. ;) I am right there with you on Christine Applegate. LOVE her! I would LOVE to hang out with Phil from Modern Famiy. He cracks me up!

Megan said...

I would so come this party. Especially if we were going to play catchphrase.

Maegan said...

I would invite Mandy Moore because I think she would be fun to hang out with. I would let her bring her kooky husband Ryan Adams to chill with my brother. Perhaps we would have an impromptu jam session. I would let Paul invite Phil Mickelson so they could golf. Oh, and I would invite Zac Efron...even if his curfew is probably 10 pm.

Lindsey Sanders said...

THIS girl is still waiting for her big date with JT!!!!!????!!!!!! :-)

And you forgot one person.... Cameron Diaz!

Elisabeth said...

Cracking up over here, but Love it.
Let me try:
Matt and Luciana Damon (Luciana and I worked at the same bar, I quit before her or I'd be Mrs. Damon....God obviously had bigger plans...for me that is)

Adam Sandler was one of the neighborhood boys growing up. Always the entertainment of the party but get one too many in him and he becomes obnoxious... you now he'll still be there the next morning.

Reese Witherspoon and I hit it off from the start. We are shopping buddies and jogging buddies. Always get a good giggle together.

Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson (Parks & Rec) Most unintentional hilarious person to have around. Ran into him at the park he wanted to keep to him self but once I brought up NRA we were best buds. Adam and him play off each other well at get togethers.

Meryl Streep grew up with my aunt. We're always asking her to tell us a story one of her stories.

Jennifer Lopez and my cousin got close at a"Mother's of Twins" event recently, and since she's hooked up with the boy toy she loves being around younger people and is over often having play dates with Lincoln, Trent and Cole.