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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thumbs Up Thursday - Fabrics

Well, well, well.  Look who's showing their pretty little face again.  That's right Thumbs Up Thursday, I'm talkin' to you.  Nice of you to bless us with your presence once again.
(Do you like how I'm totally putting the blame on TUT and, of course, this has nothing to do with my lack of work?)

So after a LONG hiatus, this Thumbs Up Thursday is dedicated to my two new favorite fabric sites.  Since I have a boy room that I've been ignoring until just after New Years and have since been obsessing over, I have been a mad woman searching for the perfect fabrics.  I've been totally unsatisfied with the local store options so I went online.

Thumbs Up for www.spoonflower.com.  This site is brilliant!  People can go on and submit their own designs for a weekly design contest.  If you're the winner, your fabric goes up for the world to buy.  This has resulted in an amazing collection of fabrics.  The best part is, the buyer can pick what type of fabric they want their selected design to go on.  Yes, the prices are a little steep but if you have a splurge fabric, its totally worth it.  Unfortunately, I can't copy the pictures from their site to share but if you click here, you can view my Spoon Flower splurge for the boy's room.

Thumbs Up for www.fabricguru.com.  Now after you've splurged on Spoon Flower, head over to Fabric Guru for your more thrifty options.  At less than $8 per yard for upholstery fabric, you'd be silly to shop elsewhere.  While their site is a little more confusing to peruse, it's totally worth it for the savings.  Here's our Fabric Guru selections for Numero Dos to compliment the elephants:

And both sites offer the option to purchase large sized swatches so you can have a look-see before you buy.

I received no compensation for these reviews - I just like the products.


boo and stacy said...

Love me some spoonflower!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Johnson said...

Definitely need to spend some time on these sites. Ok, I did a TUT! Check out my blog!