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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ya Man!

Well, we survived another incentive trip with Jared's company.  This time, the destination was Jamaica.  Yes, it was nice to get away and have some much needed couple time but I think we're one-and-done with Jamaica.  It rained every day and something about being 8 months pregnant and offered some "ganja" just doesn't sit too well with me....not to mention stepping into a bathing suit in January when 8 months pregnant and pasty white doesn't leave one feeling sexified.  Can you tell I'm pregnant and hormonal?  I'm complaining about a free trip to a tropical location.  Don't worry, I can feel your eye rolling from here.

But we're back a little tanner, enjoying our time with our girl and feeling well rested.

Sorry, I only managed to take three pictures on a 5 day vacation.  Dork.

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