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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Harper - 20 months

Harps is a full fledged toddler these days. Here's a few things I want to remember about 20 months.

- The Squirrel really understands what Jared and I are telling her. We can make simple requests that she'll follow and it won't be too long before we can have conversations.

- Her vocabulary is increasing every day and she's starting to use two word phrases. She's starting to repeat everything that we say too (a little scary). While her words might not be totally clear to everyone, we can decipher most of what she's saying.

- She is really into her babies and stuffed animals. She now has names for each one and likes to carry them around with her.

- Harps can play for extended amounts of time on her own. It's so fun to watch her little imagination run as she gets lost in her own world. She'll disappear into her room to "read", play with her babies or doll house or play kitchen.

- Harper has gotten really into letters and I've got to say, Jared and I are those annoying parents that are really impressed with their own child. She knows almost every letter by sight and when we're out and about, she'll start listing off letters only for us to realize that there's a sign she spotted and she's naming the letters.

- She's also a little crazily obsessed with the iPad. We don't allow her to watch tv but I downloaded a few apps just for the girl to play while I'm feeding Harris and need a few minutes to keep her contained. It's scary how quickly she figured out how to maneuver her way around the screens. She knows exactly where her apps are and how to access them. She can also spot an iPad from a mile away and when then rapidly repeat, "iPad, iPad, iPad, iPad, iPad, iPad, iPad.....". We're working on the concept of repeating it 123 times doesn't mean you get it.

- The Girl is starting to test her limits with us as well. She's got her fake cry perfected and I'm convinced that she really thinks she has us fooled. No such luck Harps! Unfortunately for your sake, your parents aren't push overs.

- Harper is only allowed to use her pacifiers at night and nap time in her crib. Harris now uses the same type of pacifier. Harper will come across one of Harris's pacifiers, pick it up, say "Haya" and then discretely place the paci in her mouth for a quick suck before bringing it over to her brother. She'll also hide behind a piece of furniture, take a quick pull and then walk out like nothing happened.

- Lastly, the Squirrel is getting more and more interested in her little brother, "Haya". She asks about him if she doesn't see him when she wakes up, gives him hugs and brings him little treasures and waves at him when she's in her highchair during meals. I'm loving that she's so into him but we also have to be careful - she's tried picking him up a couple of times!

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