Everyday lives of the Meabon Household

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Harper's Friends

Harps is definitely a stuffed animal/baby doll girl.  All of her friends have very specific names, places in her room where they reside and she requests them at different times by name.  There have been a few times when we'll name one on the fly and I'll completely forget what we've named him.  Not Harper - she remembers each name once given.  I'm worried that we're going to need another bedroom just for her friends if the collection keeps growing!
In order of appearance:  Peach (the sheep), Douglass (the monkey), Buzz (the bee), Ah-ah (the monkey), Betty (the baby), Edgar (the elephant who wears a diaper), Hatcher (the baby - named after her boyfriend at school), Bruce (the rabbit), Bill (the camel), Ralph (the bunny), Ella (the baby), Dolly (the, well, doll), Baby (appropriately named so) and Harper (the little girl)


Kristin said...

So cute! Wait until she's in a big girl bed and she wants ALL of them in there with her! :)

Maegan said...

You might want to go ahead and stage an intervention before she is on Hoarders!:) Precious girl!

Anonymous said...

This is classic! I like her names.. very original. Aidan has Baby Hair, Other Baby, and Kitty Cat (which is actually a dog).