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Friday, May 11, 2012

Harris - Two Months

Happy Two Months Little Man!

Weight:  10 lbs, 15%
Length:  23 inches, 50%
Great reviews at his two month check up!

Eating:  BM every 3-4 hours with sporadic days of wanting to eat every 1-2 hours.  Has been battling some gas issues recently which have made for some pretty long and tearful days and nights.  The milk maker is now on a no dairy, no caffeine diet (so there goes the one small cup of coffee in the morning) and the boy is getting doses of Simethicone.

Sleeping:  Not consistent - some nights going a stretch from 10pm - 5am while others waking up at 2:30am.  We're trying to get back to the 5am stretch.  Outside of waking to eat, Harris is pretty good about going down at 8pm and sleeping until about 7:30am.

Napping:  Three good naps per day with a cat nap here and there.  Now napping in his crib when he's not being towed around in his car seat.
 Personality:  Smiling like crazy, talking quite a bit, loves his pacifier, definitely a snuggler, likes to be swaddled to sleep, can cry extremely loud and other than his stomach issues, seems pretty laid back.  Harris is interested in his sister and lights up when he sees her come around.  He's also a momma's boy so far (silent hooray!).  He seems to like music and loves to be talked to.

Etc:  We're currently trying to battle a flat head.  Harris prefers tilting his head to the left so we are constantly doing neck stretches, flipping his to different sides of the crib and changing table to get him to look to the right and working on making sure that noggin isn't misshapen but there might be a helmet in this kid's future.

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Adelle said...

He is so precious! Please do not let Steph know that he is already sleeping through the night!